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Ultimate Speed Program

Usc 0130Ultimate Speed Cars

The Ultimate Speed Racing Program was a Soap Box Derby® sanctioned racing program developed to preserve the tradition of innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship in the design of a gravity powered racing vehicle. The unique division generated intrigue and excitement while engaging the audience at the annual FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby. 

The Ultimate Speed Division was cancelled due to a lack of entries in 2017.

The Ultimate Speed class of cars was a very unique division. Rather than a purchased kit available from the International Soap Box Derby, the designing and building of an Ultimate car need only conform to several dimensional rules. The limits of dimensions for the most part, were prescribed by a drawing of an inspection gauge. In addition, pictures of past cars, some rules and procedure information, the inspection gauge itself, and a car on the inspection gauge, provided a good idea of the car’s maximum and minimum dimensions, and rules. The Ultimate Speed Program raced on a wheel bank of Xootr wheels provided by the International Soap Box Derby. 


Usc 0127


Below, please find results for the Ultimate Speed Racing Division:

Murphy KristiKristi Murphy
Ultimate Speed - Sheri Lazowski 300x 200Sheri Lazowski

2004 - Alicia Kimball - 27.190 seconds*     
2005 - Nicki Henry - 26.953*
2006 - Jenny Rodway - 26.934*
Track Revised
2007 - Lynnel McClellan - 27.160*  
2008 - Krista Osborne - 27.009* 
2009 - Jamie Berndt - 26.924* 
2010 - Sheri Lazowski - 26.844* 
2011 - Sheri Lazowski - 26.585*
Track Revised
2012 - Laura Overmyer - 26.655*  
2013 - Anne Taylor - 26.929* 
2014 – Anne Taylor - 26.613*
2014 - Kristi Murphy - 27.750  
2015 - Kristi Murphy - 27.646
2016 - Kristi Murphy - 56.175 (2-heat total)
*Speed Challenge winner

Note: From 2004 through 2014 competitors used their own wheels in a speed style challenge race. In 2014 a race was added where competitors now race on wheels selected from a special wheel bank. In 2015 the speed challenge race was dropped from the Ultimate Speed Challenge Division.  

Ultimate Speed Cars (1)Ultimate Speed Cars

Ultimatesmoking"Smokin" Ultimate Speed Car

2015 Ultimate Speed Participants