FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

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Monday in Akron



Img 5848 Webb

Haley is on top of the world.....of gravity racing.

Img 5854 Webb

Here Zachary takes his turn in the photo area.

 Img 5864 Webb

Here Zachary's dad Danny shoves I mean helps him into the car.

Img 5870 Webb

The eyes have it!


Img 5873 Webb

Here is Haley on the ramp ready for practice.

Img 5878 Webb

And away she goes!

Img 5893 Webb

On the scales.  Yes we are all holding our breath that we made weight.

Img 5927 Webb

Perfect racing position stay low and drive straight Haley.  I think you have the stay low figured out.

Img 5934 Webb

Thought we would have some fun parading in downtown Akron.  Nice smiles you two. Go Vols

Img 5990 Webb

Here the champs are on stage throwing items to the crowd.

Img 5872 Webb

It's all downhill from here.