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Race Day at the All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron


                             Race Day in Akron!

Img 4162

Nathan and Zeke waving at their fans during the parade of racers.

Img 4309

Haylee and Madison were enjoying their ride to the top of the hill. 

Img 4259

Zeke's first run down the track of the day. Zeke in the lead on lane 2, racing against Giovanna Chiccine of Pottsville, PA in lane 1 and Sophie Morris of Culpeper, VA in lane 3. Zeke advanced to the next round of races with his total time down the track being 29.776, that is .028 seconds ahead of lane 3. 

Img 4301

Nathan's first run down the track in lane 2 racing against Jackson Fisher of Columbia, MO in lane 1 and Jeremyah Bishop of Schenectady, NY in lane 3. Nathan's total time down the track 29.578 which was .039 faster than lane 3. 

Img 4340

Madison enjoying her run down the hill with co-pilot Claire Oatman of Lima, OH. 

Img 4371

Haylee is cruising across the finish line with co-pilot Bella Buell of Sharpsville, PA. 

Img 4398

Zeke in lane 2 racing against Quinton Hatfield of Indianapolis, IN in lane 1 and Grace Gryga of Conshohocken, PA in lane 3. Zeke's time down the track was 29.577, crossing the finish line 2nd after Grace in lane 3 by .009 thousandths of a second. 

Img 4422

Nathan is leading the way in his second run down the hill and crossing the finish line with a total time of 29.464. 

Img 4433

Nathan is waving to all his fans while he is getting escorted to the top of the hill with the rest of the top 9 finishers!

Img 4437

Zeke is in the VIP box cheering Nathan and Haylee. 

Img 4472

Nathan's 3rd run down the hill in 29.433 seconds, is fastest run of the day! He trailed the first car across the finish line by .009 thousandths of a second. 

Img 4513

Nathan crosses the finish line for 5th place in the world!

Img 4543

 Haylee is in lane 1 racing against Dylan Swanson of Orchard Park, NY in lane 3. Unfortunately, Haylee didn't cross the finish line first but still earned 2nd place in the world!