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Thursday in Akron


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Here our champs prepare their mini derby cars for a race

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Showing off their artwork on their new cars.

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Zachary, (left) places his car on the mini track.

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Haley, (left) places her car on the track.

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"Look mam you are going to drive down this big hill whether you want to or not.  The 8 year olds do it all the time." Here is Tina Newman (the one with the worried look on her face) lining up to race Zachary during open hill. 

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Here is Zachary in lane 1, mom Tina in lane 2, (Sunday driving) and Autumn Vincent in lane 3. Autumn has been volunteering all week at the Derby.  Very proud of her representing Athens at the All-American in this manner.  Zachary and Autumn are driving the cars from the movie "25 Hill".  Tina is just hanging on for dear life.

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Zachary's dad Danny had a turn at the hill too.  All the adults promised to never tell the champs it was easy ever again.

Hey Danny what happened to stay low?