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Tuesday and Wednesday In Akron


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On Tuesday Soap Box Derby gave the local racers the day off and we did a little tour of Akron.  Here is Zachary at the Military Avaiation Preservation Society museum sitting in the cockpit of an old fighter.  We advised him against pushing the red button.

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Next we visited the world famous Harry London chocolate factory.  Here is Danny, Zachary and Tina Newman in one of the world's largest chairs.  No photos are allowed inside the plant but the tour and the samples are well worth the trip.

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On Wednesday it was back to the track bright and early.  Here is Meadow Wells from Bristol Connecticut, Zoe Kubick from Akron and our favorite Super Stock Driver Haley Webb from Athens.  These three were getting ready to race each other in a challenge race and had to get a set of wheels from the wheel bank just to keep things fair.

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Here are the three young ladies on the track.  Haley in lane 1, Meadow in lane 2 and Zoe in lane 3.

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Here uncle Billy loads Haley in the car for round 2.

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And away they go again.  Unfortunately at the end of three rounds Zoe defeated Haley by a mere .195 of a second. Zoe went on to finish in the top 9.

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Next it was Zachary's turn to race.  Here his dad Danny tucks him in. Notice Zachary opted for the cool racing glasses today.

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Wow this is close.  333 is Charles Brizendine from Rochester, NY and 326 is Ryan Bauer from Arlington, MA.

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Change your wheels and go again!

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Now in lane 2.

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And finally in lane 3.  Unfortunately for Zachary, Charles beat him by .071 of a second after 3 rounds of racing.


Just in case you were wondering where Haley was while Zachary was at the chocolate factory she was at Cedar Point home of this massive roller coaster and other thrill rides.  Haley went over 125 miles per hour. When we asked her if it was worth it she just smiled and picked bugs out of her teeth.