FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Local History



1934: Norman Spencer

1935: no race heldDonald Hinten 1940 Csbd Champ

1936: Alex Musik

1937: Jimmy Wren

1938: Jack Roberts

1939: Benjamin Evans

1940: Donald Hinten

1941: Frank Hailey

1942 to 1945: no races held

1946: Edward Zayac

1947: William Althoff: 7th Place in Akron

1948: Duane Masters

1949: James Worster

1950: Boyd Niederlander

1951: Jack Waldo

1952: Fred Schmitthammer

1953: Peter Beckwith

1954: Keith Worster

1955: Norm Esterbrook: 5th place in Akron

1956 to 1961: no races held

1962: Robert Held

1963: Patrick Sergio: 6th place in Akron

1964: James Zientek

1965: Gary Niederlander

1966: John Forquer         John Forquer Carrs At Akron

1967: Chet Masterson

1968: Gregory Reger

1969: Michael Niederlander

1970: Gary Hoyle

1971: Daniel Gardner

1972: Jeff Zemolong

1973: James Milligan, Jr.

1974: Greg Hoyle

1975: James R. Locklear

 Ricks Trophies 1975

1976: Ann Myers


About the Images

We love to recognize our former Champions and showcase their achievements. If you have information regarding Champions for the missing years noted or if you would like me to post a picture of your winning racer, email it to along with a description and I'll add it to this page!


1977: Ricky Hartman: Junior and Brian Skunza: Senior

1978: Kelly Flicia: Junior and Frank Matarrese: Senior

1979:Todd Younkin: Junior and Ricky Hartman: Senior -  6th Place in Akron

1980: Ann Hartman: Junior and Dan Evans: Senior

1981: John Compson: Junior and Dylan Evans: Senior - 5th place in Akron

1982: Jeff Matthews: Junior and Jeff Allen: Senior

1983: Melissa Thome: Junior and Rebecca Romans: Senior

1984: Candi Thome: Junior and Melissa Thome: Senior

1985:Shawn Crawford: Junior - 4th place in Akron and Jay Compson: Senior

1986: James Romans: Junior and Colin Evans: Senior

1987: Nicholas Crawford: Junior and Lori Romans: Senior

1988: Matt Thome: Kit Car and Daniel Kirk: Masters Dan Kirk In Akron

 1989: Tom Garloch: Kit Car and Nelson Yoder: Masters

1990: Tom Agler, Jr. : Kit Car and Tom Garloch: Masters

1991: Christina Thome: Kit Car and Matt Thome: Masters

1992: Christina Thome: Masters and Jasmine Sony: Kit Car

1993: Kimberlee Klemann: Kit Car - 3rd place in Akron

1994: Daniel Lynch: Kit Car - 9th place in Akron

1995: Jacob Shiplet: Stock

1996: Ben Jopling: Stock

1997: Brian Bjelovuk: Stock and Anthony Shroyer:  

         Super Stock

1998: Erin Schroyer: Stock and Nelson Ballard: Super Stock

1999: Danielle Hughes: Stock [below]:

2000: Andrew Overfield: Stock and Alyssa Roehrenbeck: Super Stock - 2nd place in Akron

 Adam Gilbert: Super Stock

2001: Whitney Fullen: Stock - 3rd place in Akron

         Danielle Hughes: Super Stock  

2002: Andy Ciammaichella: Stock

         Tosha Sams: Super Stock

         Rikki Roehrenbeck: Masters

2003: Marjorie Miller: Stock

         Kelsey Isford: Super Stock

         Danielle Hughes: Masters  

2004:Taylor Thome: Stock

         Marjorie Miller: Super Stock

         Braunlyn Carter: Masters - 7th place in Akron

2005: Kelly Mattix: Stock

         Taylor Thome: Super Stock - 2nd place in Akron

2006: JT Blubaugh:Stock

          Isaiah Hayes: Super Stock

2007: Zachary Barwick:Stock 

         Kelly Mattix: Super Stock: 7th Place in Akron

2008: Isabelle Smith: Stock

         Chase Hayes: Super Stock  

         Katelyn Mattix: Masters [below]:

2008 Local 208

2009: Elias Markley: Stock

         Isabelle Smith: Super Stock

         Hannah Schweinefus: Masters: 5th Place in Akron

2010: Nick Hubbell: Stock

         Vanessa Williamson: Super Stock

          Casey Beam: Masters

2011: Laura Hubbell: Stock

         Nick Hubbell: Super Stock

         Vanessa Williamson: Masters - 2nd place in Akron

Vanessa Williamson

2012: Zach Luther: Stock

         Laura Hubbell: Super Stock

2013: Andrew Stoner: Stock

         Cole Conkel: Super Stock

         Laura Hubbell: Masters

2014: Chris Hoyle: Masters

          Kylee Kirk: Stock - placed 3rd in Stock at the All-American     

2015: Lee Ann Frazier: Masters

          Kylee Kirk:  Superstock

          Veronica Watson:  Stock

2016: Victoria Dunn: Masters

          Izzy Frazier:  Superstock

          Avery Evans:  Stock

2017: Nick Hubbell: Masters

          Taylor Thompson:  Superstock

          Bailey Evans:  Stock