FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

2017 Piedmont GRC Race

Stock Division

  1. Pearl Sample Elementary School (Lucas Trull)
  2. Youth Development Council of Greene (Keira Turner)
  3. Falmouth Elementary School (Brodie Tuttle)
  4. Sycamore Park Elementary School- SCA (Sophia Nguyen)


Super Stock Division

  1. Culpeper Presbyterian Church (Amiya Bowen)
  2. Culpeper Middle School-Rockets 2 (Noah Bryan)
  3. Youth Development Council of Greene (Olivia Jenkins)
  4. Pearl Sample Elementary School (Anthony McCormick)


MINI Car Race

  1. Carson Lingerfelter (Sycamore Park Elementary School)
  2. Sean Drake (Sycamore Park Elementary School)
  3. AJ Wood (Culpeper Baptist Church)


Best-In-Show - MINI Car Design

  1. Alysha Zellers (Culpeper Presbyterian Church)


Winner of Best Photo – Photography Contest

  1. Ansley Ayers (Culpeper Presbyterian Church)


Chapman and RR

Winner of Photo Contest:

Ainsley Ayers


HB Chapman and Russell Rabb
working on Culpeper Presbyterian Church’s car during Test Runs.

  Upper ES Team

Team from Walker Upper Elementary School from the City of Charlottesville – The Wolverines, working with Paul Bates Raceway volunteers during Test Runs.



Again, THANK YOU to all the Coaches, Teachers and Advisors for a wonderful race season. Looking forward to next year!!