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Soap Box Derby Mini Cars

To further promote its mission to “educate and inspire youth,” the International Soap Box Derby® developed the Soap Box Derby Mini Car Program. The program is designed for grades 3-8 classrooms, enrichment, after school, and summer programs. This innovative program features a customized, all-inclusive activity kit.

The Soap Box Derby STEM-Based Education Mini Car Program is:

  • Customized
  • Inclusive
  • Experiential
  • Engaging
  • Reinforcing
  • Project Based 
  • Team Building
  • Measurable
  • Fun!

Content Areas Include:

Physical Science: Scientific inquiry, forces, motion, simple machines, gravity, mass, friction, speed, kinetic and potential energy, friction.

Technology: Research, critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, collaboration, communications.

Engineering: Define problem and needs, test, refine, develop solutions, communicate, evaluate, manufacturing, engineering & design emphasis.

Arts: Visual and fine arts, creating, presenting, producing, connecting.

Mathematics: Measurement (Standard & Metric), basic math review, decimals, fractions, geometry, graphing, slope, problem solving, time, weight.

Dsc 2065Students working on their mini cars

Dsc 6952Students weighing their mini cars

Img 1373
Decorated mini cars on display

Soap Box Derby® Education Partners:

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