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February Indoor Race 2018

02/17/2018 - 02/18/2018
Fox Valley Mall 195 Fox Valley Center, Aurora, IL 60504

2018 Chicago Indoor races

January 20 & 21 - 2 Days, 3 Divisions, 1 Double. & 1 single. elim. ea. day

February 17 & 18 -  2 Days, 3 Divisions, 1 Double. & 1 single. elim. ea. day

March 17 & 18 - 2 Days, 3 Divisions, 1 Double. & 1 single. elim. ea. day


A mini soap box car race will be featured each weekend. Bring your mini soap box car that you received in Akron or purchase a new car from the AA store.

For the February and March race dates we are racing in a different area of the mall. Instead of the south west area we will be in the north east area. Additional info is under loading area.

Race day schedule is here.


The 2018 Indoor winter rally dates will be Jan. 20 & 21, Feb. 17 & 18, & March 17 & 18 at the Fox Valley Mall 195 Fox Valley Center Drive, Aurora, IL 60504. We again expect to have a great time, a well run and organized race, and lots of warm derby racing indoors while it is freezing outside! You will not want to miss this exciting racing event. Questions? Read below- please email or call/text 630-841-8832 with additional questions.

Details: There will be 3 indoor AA rally races in 2018. There will be 4 races held each weekend, two races on Saturday and two on Sunday, a double and a single each day. Please plan on arriving Friday to unload your car, set up your pit area, check in, have your car inspected, get a pre- weigh-in, and test run if track set up is completed. Racers will be allowed to leave their cars in the mall for the weekend or for the duration of the indoor races, from Jan. through March. Trailers can also be left on the mall property from Jan. - March. There is 24 hour security.
Updates: If you would like to be notified when this page is updated, please send an email with the words " indoor updates" in the subject heading.
Race fees & pre-registration: Please email us that you are coming so we can insure full fields. You do not need to preregister. Race fees are as follows. If you plan on racing in all 3 weekends cost is $100 for each weekend for each racer. Less than all 3 weekends the cost is $120. If you register for less than 4 races for any given weekend the fee is $35 for each race. There are no additional discounted race fees for the indoor races, Groupon coupons are only allowed for new first time racers.

Racing We are racing in a very active mall, it is at 100% capacity. Plenty of shopping and eating to be done.

Location The Fox Valley Mall is located 10 minutes south of our outdoor track off of Route 59 at East New York Street

Directions. All the Interstates in the Chicago area are toll roads so be prepared. The Fox Vally Mall is off of Route 59. 

Loading You will want to unload your sbd car and gear at the north east corner of the mall. It is door number 3, the entrance is next to Sears. This is the door that you will unload at. Once you are inside keep walking straight ahead and make a right, stay to the right until you reach the center of the mall. Look for the soap box derby sign outside the store on your right. 

Parking Plenty of parking for your vehicles. Please park your trailer near the other soap box derby trailers.

Host Hotel 


  • Quality Inn north west of the mall, about 3 blocks. They do not have a pool. 4005 Gabrielle Ln., Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 820-3400. Mention the name Chicago soap box derby.
  • Rate $71.99 plus tax

Additional race day info.

Race day info 


  • No lubrication will be allowed indoors.
  • All cars must meet their maximum total weight for their division.
  • No cars will be allowed to race under the designated weight for their division. 
  • Max 15 lb. tail or nose weight.
  • No skates, scooters, rollerblading, or skateboards will be allowed inside the mall. 
  • All cars will be required to have a new brake pad.
  • Emergency contact number for race day is 630-841-8832
  • Tools will only be allowed in the designated pit area.
  • Any and all repairs MUST be done in the pit area with the approval of either a race steward or a race official.
  • Once the car has been inspected and weighed, it is NOT to return to the pit area unless directed by a race steward, or only if, that car is no longer racing.
  • Cars that ARE still racing must remain in pre-staging area while they continue to race.
  • No oil or lubrication will be allowed on the Fox Valley Mall property. Please take your wheels back to your hotel if you wish to clean or lube them.
  • No flash photography allowed at the finish line.
  • All cars will be required to adhere to current AA Soap Box Derby rules.
  • All cars will be inspected, make sure your car complies with current AASBD rules.
  • Please try and arrive on Friday to unload your derby car and equipment into the building. This will help to get things started on time on race day. We are there until 9pm Friday.
  • Please look over the race day schedule. Racing will start promptly at 8:30am and all cars are required to be in line to weigh by 7:30am each day.
  • There is indoor plumbing no porta potties! Woo hoo!!
  • Friday car drop of is 4 - 9pm. 


Race day app. Chicago is the only race city with an app to track your racing times. 

Link to follow the race from either iphone or android

Link to download the android app


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