FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown



1) How do I enter my child into the Bucky's Ltd. Auto Body Norwalk Soap Box Derby?

Please contact derby director, Trey Knepper, at 304-886-3630 or e-mail so that a registration packet can be mailed. The registration packet contains all general information, important dates, and rules. You will return the registration forms, a check for the entry fee, and a copy of his/her birth certificate if he/she will be a first-time racer. The registration deadline is always near the middle of MARCH. 


2) Are there any used cars available, or do I have to purchase my own kit?

We do have several "corporate" cars that our organization owns. These cars are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We understand new kits can be very expensive for some families. The corporate cars are especially a great idea for first-time racers to make sure a child loves soap box derby racing before sinking a lot of $$ into a soap box derby car. With that said, it is usually to your advantage to own your own car. You have access to it year-round to practice and take care of it. Many families find sponsors that will cover the cost of their cars. Another option is finding a used soap box derby car to purchase.


3) How many dates must I committ if my child chooses to race? What if he plays other sports?

It depends- First-time racers must attend a build clinic on a Saturday morning (usually in April). On that same date, children racing corporate cars will also have to retrieve their cars from storage on that morning, and that morning only. There is a pre-inspection on a Saturday morning (usually near the beginning of May). If the child is out-of-town that weekend, we ask everyone to please make arrangements so that his/her car can at least be inspected. Final inspection is held on a couple of weekday evenings the week of the race. This is obviously mandatory for the final weigh-in. Cars are also kept in the building for the entire week until raceday morning. The awards ceremony is held the following Sunday evening.

We are very flexible in working with racers' families to accomodate inspection times. We understand kids are involved in a lot of different activities these days, I was one myself! Just remember, Final Inspection and Race Day obvousily have to be mandatory no matter, with no exceptions! Everything else can be worked around.     


4) Is the race open to the general public?

Yes! We invite everyone to come experience this great annual event! Admission is free!


5) What day and time does the race begin? How long does the race last?

The race is typically held on the second Saturday in June, unless the first Saturday happens to be June 7th. In that case only, we run on the first Saturday. Our rain date is always 1 week after the scheduled race date. Opening ceremonies being approximately 7:00AM. The length of the rain is dependant on several factors, such as the number of participants, weather, etc. However, the race usually concludes anywhere between 2:00-4:00PM. 


6) How do I volunteer or become involved on the board?

Please either visit our facebook page, e-mail, or contact the derby director, Trey Knepper, at 304-886-3630. We always need a lot of help, especially race day! The board meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM. If you are interested in joining in, please call Trey to verify the location of the meeting. 


7) Why is the race called the "Norwalk" Soap Box Derby instead of the "Martinsburg" Soap Box Derby?

Our local soap box derby race held in Martinsburg, WV was brought back by members of the Norwalk Antique Car Club. Although most members are no longer active with our race, we have kept their name associated with our race out of respect for those who revived our race. Also, we are a non-profit organization which was incorporated under the name "Norwalk Soap Box Derby, Inc" back in the December of 1999.