FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


About Us

We are the largest local soap box derby in the WORLD! Located in Port Jervis, New York in the beautiful Delaware Valley.


2017 Committee Members

  • Wayne Addy - Derby Director
  • Billy McKerrell - Assistant Derby Director
  • Fran Scott - Super Kids Director
  • Chris Addy
  • Tanja McKerrell
  • Brooke Csencsits
  • Jason Csencsits
  • Ken Scott
  • Tonya Addy
  • Sean Addy


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 Hall Of Fame


2016 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2016 Champion Clatyon Fogler Cody Eisenring Aidan Addy Dayton LeBlanc
2nd Place Kayla Horan Brandan Weiss Elijah Addy Cameron Busch
3rd Place Alyssa Olenick Carter Brischler Ryan Kowal Eric Schanzenbacher
4th Place Blake Hulseapple Erin Brown Abby Ehlers Johaua Allen
  2016 Super Stock Champs 2016 Super Kids Champs 2016 Masters Champs 2016 Stock Champs
2016 Winners
2016 Champs: (top L to R to Front) Aidan Addy - Masters, Clayton Fogler - Super Stock, Dayton LeBlanc - Stock and Cody Eisenring - Super Kids

2015 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2015 Champion Dayton LeBlanc Dominique Tresch Makayla Csencsits Corinne Hawkins
2nd Place Patrick Monroe John Tomik Sabrina Hendricks Angela Squillace
3rd Place Ryan Kowal Cody Eisenring Charles Hawkins Ryan Russman
4th Place Jaelyn Csencsits Sammy Pisauro Matt Kowal Jocelynn DeGroat
  Super Stock Top Finishers Super Kids Top Finishers Masters Top Finishers Stock Top Finishers
2015 Champs 
2015 Champs: (L to R) Makayla Csencsits, Dayton LeBlanc, Corinne Hawkins, Dominique Tresch

 2014 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2014 Champion Ryan Costello Alexa Gessner Hannah Bisland Jaelyn Csencsits
2nd Place Ryan Kowal Dominique Tresch Makayla Csencsits Robert McMullen
3rd Place Dayton LeBlanc Brandon Weiss Tommy Vause Corinne Hawkins
4th Place Kayla Horan Cody Eisenring Matthew Kowal Ashley McKeon
  2014 Superstock Champs 2014 Super Kids Champs 2014 Masters Champs 2014 Stock Champs
2014 PJSBD Champs 
2014 Champs: (L to R) Ryan Costello, Jaelyn Csencsits, Hannah Bisland, Alexa Gessner

2013 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2013 Champion Thomas Vause Nick Barnes Kendra Addy Elijah Addy
2nd Place Kayla Horan Dominique Tesh Shannon Brucher Jacob Gumaer
3rd Place Ryan Kowal Alex Gessner Hannah Bisland Jaelyn Csencsits
4th Place Victoria Witkowski Sam Pisauro Makayla Csencsits Angela Squillace
  Superstock Champs Super Kids Champs Masters Champs Stock Champs
2013 PJSBD Champs 
(left to right) Super Stock: Thomas Vause, Masters: Kendra Addy, Super Kids: Nick Barnes, Stock: Elijah Addy

2012 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2012 Champion Meagan Quinn Joshua Klotz Jimmy Hawkins Charles Hawkins
2nd Place Shannon Brucher Dominique Tesh Hannah Bisland Elijah Addy
3rd Place Nicholas DiPardo Joshua Decker Cassie Rutt Ryan Kowal
4th Place Emily Tigue Lauren Belsten Brittany Lattimer Alex Bisland
  2012 Super Stock Champs 2012 Super Kids Champs 2012 Masters Champs 2012 Stock Champs
2012 Port Jervis Soap Box Derby 1st Place Winners 
(left to right) Super Stock: Meagan Quinn, Masters: Jimmy Hawkins,
Stock: Charles Hawkins, Super Kids: Joshua Klotz
2011 Winners
  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2011 Champion Cassandra Rutt Lauren Belsten Andrea McKerrell Christian Eckes
2nd Place Matt Kowal Johanna Formisano Kendra Addy Charles Hawkins
3rd Place Kenneth Paukovits Josh Klotz Hannah Bisland Denzel Vilsaint
4th Place Brittany Lattimer Dominique Tresch Austin Trainor Lauren Waligroski
  Super Stock Champs 2011 Super Kids Champs 2011 Masters Champs 2011 Stock Champs 2011
2011 PJSBD Champs
(L to R) Christian Eckes, Lauren Belsten, Cassandra Rutt, Andrea McKerrell

2010 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2010 Champion Hannah Bisland Johanna Formisano Tyler Addy Thomas Vause
2nd Place Kenny Paukovitz Dylan Forker Andrew "Butch" Halloran Christian Eckes
3rd Place Matthew Kowal Cody Eisenring Kendra Addy Alex Quick
4th Place Hunter Pues Nicholas Barnes Andrea McKerrell Chanler Menshausen
5th Place Casey Malzhan Brianne McNeil Britany Midlarsky Emily Golding
6th Place Dakota Guerriera Nicholas Zingaro Lindsay Buzelli Alexis Worden

2009 Winners

  Super Stock Super Kids Masters Stock
2009 Champion Andrea McKerrell Theresa Bell Tyler Gibbs Erik Hawkins
2nd Place Kayla Flieger Johanna Formisano Tyler Addy Shannon Brucher
3rd Place Alyssa Ladika Nicholas Zingaro Kristina Santacruz Lucas Tufano
4th Place Payton Williams Joshua Klotz Brittney Midlarsky Alex Quick
5th Place James Tegan Lauren Belsten Billy Bridges Matthew Kowal
6th Place Meghan McGregor Dominique Tresch Aaron Aumick Christian Eckes
  PJSBD 2009 PJSBD 2009 PJSBD 2009 PJSBD 2009

2008 Winners

Stock Division:
1st - Mackenzye Leroy
First Presbyterian Church of Port Jervis
2008 Stock
2nd - Justin Brewster
Port Jervis Physical Therapy & Wellness
3rd - Erik Hawkins
F.A. Scott Insurance
4th - Jonathan Rhoades
J&B Racing
5th - Matthew Kowal
Kowal Brothers Paving & Kowal's Sealcoating
6th - Casey Rae Malzahn
My Uncle's Paintball Shop & Malzahn Gas

Super Stock Division:
1st - Kristina Santacruz
Johnson & Conroy Inurance & Len & Joe's Racing
2008 Super Stock
2nd - Meghan McGregor
American Family Campground
3rd - Andrea McKerrell
Mitsubishi Fuso
4th - Peyton Williams
Wickham Methodist Church
5th - Dylan Little
Bon Secours Community Hospital
6th - Kayla Flieger
Jellystone Campground
Masters Division:
1st - David Busch
California Sun Tanning Resort
2008 Masters
2nd - Matt Halloran
The Fireball
3rd - Amanda Busch
The Shop
4th - Ian Halloran
H2H Sports
5th - Brittney Midlarsky
Phil's Ford Jeep
6th - Shawn Trainor
Sussex County Glass
Super Kids Division:
1st - Nicholas Zingaro 2008 Super Kids
2nd - Theresa Bell
3rd - Joshua Klotz
4th - Johanna Formisano
5th - Lauren Belsten

2007 Winners

Stock Division:
1st - Michael Conklin Age 8
TSE Lectric & Plumbing
2007 Stock
2nd - Corey Gardner Age 10
3rd - Cassie Rutt Age 11
Rutt's Ride
4th - Rachel Miller Age 10
Voltron Electric
5th - Leif Leeman Age 8
Class Act Tattoo
6th - Andrea McKerrell Age 12
Tri-State Diesel
Super Stock Division:
1st - David Busch Age 12
California Sun Tanning Resort
2007 Super Stock
2nd - William McKerrell Age 15
Mitsubishi Fuso
3rd - Kayla Flieger Age 13
4th - Chelsea Menshausen Age 10
Trimp's Ice Art
5th - Alyssa Ladika Age 10
Orange County Fuel Injection
6th - Lizzmarie Sepulveda Age 15
Port Jervis High School
Masters Division:
1st - Alec Martell Age 13
The General Lee
2007 Masters
2nd - Anna Marie Nied Age 11
Wulff Construction #96
3rd - Ben Wolf Age 15
The Wolfpack
4th - Matt Halloran Age 12
The Fireball
5th - Keith Yennie Age 12
6th - Brittney Midlarsky Age 12
Phil's Ford

2006 Winners

2006 Stock Winners


  1. Mackenzie Decker -
    DARE #911
  2. Tyler Gibbs -
    FA Scott Insurance #15
  3. Justin Brewster -
    Port Jervis Fire Department
  4. Erin Sauschuck -
    Deerpark Oil #65
2006 Super Stock Winners


  1. Amanda Busch -
    Schreiber Masonry
  2. Kayla Flieger -
    Jellystone Campground/
  3. Brian Mugavero -
    US Airforce
  4. Cierra Coolidge -
    Wickham Methodist
2006 Masters Winners


  1. Kelsey Scott -
    FA Scott Insurance
  2. Keith Yennie -
    H2H Sports
  3. Alec Martell -
    The General Lee
  4. Anna Nied -
    Wulff Construction

2005 Winners

2005 Port Jervis Soapbox Derby Stock Winner


2005 Port Jervis Soapbox Derby Super Stock Winner


  1. Jayden Bergmann - Winter's Napa Auto Parts
  2. Tyler Gibbs - F.A. Scott Insurance Agency
  3. Christopher Barnes - D.A.R.E
  4. Kendra Addy - Candy Cane Pre-School/PeaPod Boutique
  1. Alec Martell - Martell Home Builders
  2. Samantha Warden - Beach Lake Free Methodist Church
  3. Savannah Wilson - Middletown Buick/GMC
  4. Billy McKerrell - Mitsubishi Fuso

2004 Winners

2004 Stock Winners 
2004 Super Stock Winners 
  1. Keith Yennie - Austin Auto Parts
  2. Mark Takourian - Homestead Improvement
  3. Virginia Keys - D.A.R.E.
  4. Amanda Hofstee - Aqua Find Drilling
  1. Kendra Addy - Candy Cane Pre-School/ Peapod Boutique
  2. Ben Wolf - Tri State Chamber of Commerce
  3. Samantha Warden - Johnson & Conroy
  4. Anna Nied - Wulff Family Racing


Mission Statement

The Soap Box Derby® is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to build knowledge and character, and to create meaningful experiences through collaboration and fair and honest competition.

Core Vaules and Drivers

• Youth Education and Leadership Development
• Family Engagement and Enrichment
• Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Teamwork and Collaboration
• Mentoring
• Volunteerism
• Commitment to Community

The Derby is the official sanctioning body of Soap Box Derby racing and has exclusive licensing partnerships with more than 100 racing districts throughout world. These racing districts conduct sanctioned Soap Box Derby races throughout the year and qualify champs for the annual FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby® World Championship race at the world famous Derby Downs Track in Akron, Ohio. 

The Derby's Education Program is a fast-growing component of the organization and includes a STEM-Based Curriculum, the Gravity Racing Challenge® STEM Team Competition and a Mini Soap Box Derby program. 

The Derby also operates the world famous Derby Downs Track in Akron, Ohio where events are held throughout the racing season.

The Board of Directors oversees the operation of the Derby, and the day-to-day activities are handled by the Headquarters staff in Akron.