FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


How do we get started?
You can contact local race director Mike McKain at or 610-323-9593 about how to get started.

How do I buy a car?
You can purchase a kit at from Akron, Ohio.  

How old does the child need to be?
Anyone between the ages of 7 and 20 years of age is eligible to compete.

Can I race in more then one city?
You must compete in the closest local race to your home and you may only race in one local.  There is a rally circuit.  If you are interested in that you can learn about that here.  /aasbd-race-program/rally-race-program.aspx

Can we move the foot brace and brake pedal?
Yes. They both can be moved forward or backward within the allowable zone. Please refer to the Building Plans for the allowable zone.

Can we switch the brake pedal to the other side?

What type of shoes can a racer wear?
A participant must wear adequate foot protection with a sole while racing. Crocs are acceptable.

If a child is just a few days away from meeting the age requirement can they get a waiver to be able to race?
No. The child has to be the required age at the time of the race. There are no exceptions.

Which floorboards are legal to use in sanctioned Soap Box Derby® races?
Only floorboards engraved with the Derby shield or burned with the SBD or SBD shield brands are acceptable. Please see photos below.

Can a hand brake be used in lieu of a foot brake to accommodate a tall driver?
Yes. However, the request must be put in writing to the Headquarters Office before installation.