FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

History of Williamsport Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby Racing dates back to the 1930's, where cars were commonly built from discarded lumber and other parts.  Since 1935, soap box derby racers from across the country have brought their creations to race in the "All-American Race," at the Derby Downs racecourse in Akron, OH

Williamsport's first Soap Box Derby race was held  in 1941, where the winner advanced and competed in the "All-American Race" in Akron.  Williamsport hosted races between 1941-1954.  In 1951, Dawin Cooper represented Williamsport and won the national championship.

Williamsport's Soap Box Derby Champions

1941 - William Cotner

1942-1945 (No Races during WWII)

1946 - David Lauler

1947 - Thomas Cafale

1948 - Luther Knight

1949 - Marvin Cooper

1950 - Don Alter (Finished 2nd in Akron)

1951 - Dawin Cooper (Finished 1st in Akron)

1952 - Jim Thomas (Finished 2nd in Akron)

1953 - Fred Night (Finished 7th in Akron)

1954 - Charles Forney


In 2010, the Williamsport Soap Box Derby was resurrected.  Let by a committee of volunteers, racing returned to the City of Williamsport. Each year 2 champions are crowned in the Stock and Super Stock divisions.  These winner qualify and advance to the "All-American Race" at Derby Downs in Akron, OH 

Current Era of Williamsport Soap Box Derby Champions

Year Stock
Super Stock
2019 Lucas McCahan
of Muncy
7th Place in Akron)
Sarah Stugart
of Williamsport
2018 Jael Gilbert
of Williamsport
Meredith McCahan
of Muncy
2017 Benjamin Hakes Steele Evangelisti
2016 Liam Doyle Reilly Kriner
2015 Bryce Barr James Doyle
2014 Reilly Kriner Cyza Matthews
2013 Jack Fink Joey LaRose
of Muncy
2012 Joey LaRose
of Muncy
McKinsey Sauers
2011 Tyler Bolton Zoe Fink
2010 Tripp Breen Sarah Abercrombie