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Hall Of Fame 1

Candidates may be considered for induction into the Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame on the basis of significant contributions to the program by dedicating years of service to the organization, or as an ambassador, promoting the betterment of the sport and its participating young persons, or by supporting the youth racing program through financial or sponsorship contribution, enabling the continued growth of the youth racing program.

Hall of Fame nominations are accepted each spring. To be considered for the Hall of Fame, candidates must have a minimum of 20 years’ volunteer service at the local or national level or have made a significant financial or sponsorship contribution to the program. Former racers of at least 10 years ago or Derby staff members with a minimum of 10 years’ service also can be nominated.

The Hall of Fame building is closed October - April       

Hall of Fame Members

1997 - Myron E. Scott, Bain E. "Shorty" Fulton, Jim Schlemmer, Jimmy Stewart, Wilbur Shaw

1998 - John S. Knight, Mason Bell, George W. Brittain, Jim Ott, Howard Flood

1999 - Marie Wright, Ralph Barnes, Ralph Iula, Loris C. Troyer, Frank A. 'Whitey" Wahl

2000 - Bruce Buchholzer, Bob Gravett, Ron Baker

2001 - Don Lenox, Don Meech, Tom Kilroy, Ray Schieb

2002 - Bill Ford, Jack Morran, Bob Turner

2003 - Jim Underwood, Bob Troyer, Bill Kuntz

2004 - Don Adams, David J. Holly, Ira C. Sapozink, Ronald Reagan

2005 - Shirley Foster, Tony DeLuca, Paul Arnsmeyer, Roy Hartz

2006 - Bob Campbell, Herman "Tex" Finsterwald, Bruce Hunsicker, Jeff Iula

2007 - Jack Gormley, Bob McLaughlin, Jimmy Collier

2008 - Brooks Townsend, Don Huminsky, Ron Reed, Russ Kinsey

2009 - George Rodenbaugh, Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic

2010 - Norm Perry

2011 - Jerry Van Waart, Pat Taylor

2012 - Dale Russell, Millie Esque, Jack Engelke

2013 - Bill Harris, Ken Morrow, Marty Sullivan

2014 - Rick Acker, Alan Howe, Mark Scuderi

2015 - Bob Cooper, Fran Seabeck, Bud Seabeck 

2016 - Chuck Jones, John Esque, Bill Speeg

2017 - Ken Cline, Mark Packard

2018 - Carole Berry, Craig Flury

2019 - Ed Harmon, Will Looman, Brian Graham

2020 - John Evans, William J. Ginter, Bobby Nickoli

2021 - Jim Hagan, Mark Richards, Keith Scheurman

2022 - Vickie Beck, Bill Behan, Michael Rushing

2023 - John Peter (JP) Fedele, Danny Hughes, Sue Nelman