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Legacy Division 

Legacy puts the STEM principles of aerodynamics and chassis design into practice and accommodates larger more experienced drivers. This is a open-invitation, double-elimination, and lane-and-wheel swap as part of the 2023 First Energy All-American Race Week.  Legacy is intended for experienced racers age 12-20.

Legacy Car Render 03Sample Legacy Car

Registration is now open! 

The race in 2023 will be open to all qualified drivers who construct a Legacy car. To qualify you must register and pay the registration fee by the deadline.  The fee to enter this race will be $250.  Registration is now open and will close June 25, 2023. 

Champs qualified to attend Race Week 2023 in another ISBD division will have the option of racing in the Legacy division as well.   The Legacy cars must arrive within the same drop off period that all other divisions follow.

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Build Plans 

The Build Plans can now be downloaded at no cost.  Full-size plans for the sample car shown above are also available free for download.  Kits are available for purchase on the Soap Box Derby Store. The wheels are not included in the kit price. The Legacy kit contains an uncut floorboard and all hardware required to construct your car chassis. The builder will provide materials to construct the body, weights, and other optional hardware described in the Build Plan as desired.

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Downloadable Information 

Build Plans
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Axle Mount Stack Up 

Sample Car Design Plans