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Rally Commission


2019 Rally Champs

What is the Rally Commission?

The Rally Commission, as appointed by the International Soap Box Derby Inc., is the body responsible for overseeing the Rally Program. Responsibilities of the Rally Commission include writing, reviewing, interpreting and enforcing Rally Program Rules. C-1.01, ISBD Rule book


Gene Blackwell - Chair

Bill Graham - Vice Chair

Annie Taylor - Secretary

Wendy Barr

Lisa Carpenter

Sally Fell

Al Garren

Alan Howe

Marco Juarez.

John (Buzz) Pankoff

Chris Schlafke


Jamey Allen - Honorary



Join the Rally Commission

Each year the Rally Commission accepts applications for new members. Applicants should be knowledgeable and passionate about Rally racing. The Commission meets once a month via telephone, and during Race Week. All members are intimately involved Race Week with the Challenge Races,  Topside Show and various other Race Week responsibilites. 

Contact with questions for the Rally Commission