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New Masters Car Plans Released


A new set of Masters Car Plans has been released. They are similar to the Stock and Super Stock Plans and provide a basic step-by-step process to build the car. 

There are a few clarifications in the new Masters Car Plans that we would like to point out:

  1. No shaping of the shell is allowed (page 8 - third bullet point).
  2. Excess steering cable may extend past second ¼" cable clamp and may be removed by cutting. To avoid cable fraying it is recommended that you tape the ends. The tape can cover a maximum of 3/4" of the cable (page 41 - step #8.37).
  3. In regards to the front axle stack the top of the axle can be no higher than 3" from the bottom of the floorboard (page 27 - step #2.17).
  4. The entire exterior surface of the shell may be finished with solid sheets or decorative cutouts of self-adhesive vinyl material applied in a single layer (page 55 - #6).


  1. If sheet adhesive vinyl material is used, all International Soap Box Derby, Inc. sponsor decals must be placed over the vinyl material.
  2. No vinyl is permitted on the inside of car.
  3. No signage, lettering and/or decoration may cover any screw attachments (washers and screws).

We also have plans available for the following Masters Car options and they come with the respective part bag:

  • Optional Steering Handbrake
  • Alternate Brake Pedal
  • Optional Rear Plate Mount (tubular assembly)
  • Shoulder blisters