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New Rule and Car Plan Changes For 2017-2018 AASBD Racing Season


The International Soap Box Derby announced rule changes that will go into effect immediately for the 2017-2018 All-American Soap Box Derby racing season.

The rule and car plan changes are listed below:

Rule Changes

1. Rule A-7.08 has been changed to include stock and super stock cars (retroactive).
Once a Stock, Super Stock or Masters car has participated in an AASBD World Championship Race the floorboard is no longer permitted to race in another sanctioned Local, Rally or AASBD World Championship Race by another participant.

2. Rule B-8.05 has been added to clarify the impounding of cars.
It is at the Race Director’s discretion if the winning car remains impounded prior to shipment to Akron or returned to its owner. The Race Director must notify all participants prior to the race if the winning car will be impounded.

3. Rule C-4.03 
Language has been changed on the chart in the Masters division for a second time rally champion. They now must race the local in the stock or super stock division if they are eligible.

4. Rule C-9.01
Language has been added to the rule to reflect how rally champs are invited to the All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship race.

C-9.01  When a participant wins a Rally Regional Title, he or she is called a “Rally Champion” and will receive an invitation to represent his or her Region by competing in the AASBD World Championship with other Rally Champions. The Rally Champion can decline the invitation and must do so in writing to the ISBD headquarters office. If a qualifying racer declines the invitation they forfeit the invitation only for that year but can receive an invitation in subsequent years in the same division as long as they re-qualify.

5. Rule C-15. Non-Point Earner Status
The entire rule has been removed. All drivers will earn points based on their place of finish.

6. C-15.02 Tie Breaker in Determining a Rally Regional Title
Rule 15.02 has been changed to consider additional tie breaker options

C-15.02   If necessary, the second tie breaker will be the number of wins; the third tie breaker will be number of second-place finishes; and the fourth tie breaker will be number of third-place finishes.

Car Plan Changes

Stock and Super Stock plans

1. Clarification on how to handle the taping of fraying cable – consistent across all three divisions

Excess steering cable may extend past second ¼” cable clamp and may be removed by cutting. To avoid cable fraying it is recommended that you tape the ends (electrical tape or similar). The tape can cover a maximum of 3/4” of the cable and can be taped to the other cable.

2. Clarification on weights – consistent across all three divisions
Weights must not:

Be suspended. No cushion (sponge, rubber, springs, etc.) or other material may be used between the weights or the weight and the floorboard.

Be cantilevered or bowed (must be flat).

Super Stock Plans
1. Body filler products are permitted to fill in the seam
Tech Tip #2

2.7 The seam that is visible around the middle of the car can be covered with paint and primer products. Also, body filler products such as Bondo are permitted to fill in the seam.

Masters Plans
1. Beginning with the 2019-2020 racing season (Aug. 1) epoxy will no longer be allowed to be used on the front and rear mounting plates.