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Record Number of Schools and Clubs Competed in the Soap Box Derby's Gravity Racing STEM Team Competition presented by Time Warner Cable



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More than 175 teams from three states competed in the Soap Box Derby’s Gravity Racing Challenge© (GRC) STEM Team Competition presented by Time Warner Cable®. On May 12th and 14th teams competed in the traditional Stock and Super Stock divisions, along with the High School Open  Class division. The race is presented by Time Warner Cable through its Connect A Million Minds Program™.

Teams of up to 10 students and educators built and fine-tuned their Soap Box Derby cars over the past several months. In addition, they worked on optional contests that included photography, writing a press release, mini Soap Box Derby car race and design, and creating an infomercial.

Nine area high school teams competed in the Open Class Division. Teams were provided kits that included the floorboard, axles, wheels, steering and braking systems. They were also given a list of materials they can use in the design and construction of the body. Some are building their car to be the fastest and others want their car to look the best, and be unique in a non-traditional Derby form.

Below are the winners of the races:

High School Open Class Teams

1 - Car No. 402 National Inventor's Hall of Fame (Purple)
2 - Car No. 410 National Inventor's Hall of Fame (Black)
3 - Car No. 403 Tallmadge (Wooden Beauty)
4 - Car No. 401 Cuyahoga Falls (Mickey Mouse)

High School Super Stock 

1 - Car No. 303 Cuyahoga Falls
2 - Car No. 319 Copley
3 - Car No. 327 Medina
4 - Car No. 313 St. Wendelin

High School Best Decorated | Open Class

1 - Car No. 406 Copley (Ghostbusters)
2 - Car No. 403 Tallmadge (Wooden Beauty)

Middle and Elementary School Stock

1 - Car No. 106 Austintown Middle School
2 - Car No. 104 Austintown Middle School
3 - Car No. 105 Austintown Middle School
4 - Car No. 119 Rochester City

 Junior High and Middle School Super Stock

1 – Car No. 210 Austintown Middle School
2 – Car No. 280 Girl Scouts of North East Ohio Cadette Troop 90490
3 – Car No. 211 Austintown Middle School
4 – Car No. 212 Austintown Middle School

Optional Competition winners are:

Mini Soap Box Derby

Grade K-2 Fastest Time

1 – Malvern Brodie Powers
2 – Malvern Mason Weatherwax
3 – Bridges Terry Urnick

Grade 3-5 Fastest Time

1 – Hatton Trinity Chin
2 – Russia Local Schools Kelby Doseck
3 – Russia Local Schools Audrey Stickel

Grade 6-8 Fastest Time 

1 – Summit Academy Chris Strejeek
2 – Summit Academy Cierra Saba

Grade 9-12 Fastest Time

1 – Boy Scout Troop 4020 Xander Nihart

Mini Soap Box Derby

Grade K-2 Best Decorated

1 – Bridges Israel Hogan
2 – Bridges Serenity Choice
3 – Bridges Santura Foreman

Grade 3-5 Best Decorated

1 – Lake Elementary School Taylor Dinger
2 – Russia Local School Kali McClenen
3 – Lake Elementary School Alyssa Dinger

Grade 6-8 Best Decorated

1 – Summit Academy Cierra Saba
2 – Summit Academy Chris Strejeek

Grade 9-12 Best Decorated

1 – Boy Scout Troop 4020 Xander Nihart

Poster Competition

Grades K-2

1 – St. Vincent De Paul Zoey Meeks
2 – St. Vincent De Paul Bella Pierce
3 – St. Vincent De Paul Max Gursky

Grades 3-5

1 – Russia Local School Anna Meyer
2 – Russia Local School Kelby Doseck
3 – St. Vincent De Paul Neve Gallo 


Grades 3-5

1 – Russia Jenna York
2 – Russia Grace Holscher
3 – Russia Kate Sherman

Grades 6-8

1 – St. Vincent Izzy Davis
2 – St. Vincent Maura O'Connor
3 – Austintown Mia West

Grades 9-12

1 – Boy Scout Troop 20 Xander Nihart


1 – Russia Ted Oldieges

Press Release

Grades 9-12

1 – Lake HS Support LHS Racers
2 – Lake HS LHS Enters Car
3 – Lake HS LHS takes on SBD

Grades 3-5

1 – Russia Makena Hoying
2 – Russia Graci McClenan

Grades 6-8

1 – St.Vincent Grade 8
2 – Austintown MS Yellow Jackets
3 – Austintown MS Team Xplosion


Grades 6-8

1 – St. Vincent 8th grade
2 – St. Vincent 6th grade
3 – St. Vincent 7th grade

About the Soap Box Derby

The Soap Box Derby is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to build knowledge and character, and to create meaningful experiences through collaboration and fair and honest competition. The Derby’s Core Values and Drivers include: Youth Education and Leadership Development; Family Engagement and Enrichment; Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Teamwork and Collaboration; Mentoring; Volunteerism; and Commitment to Community. The Derby’s two youth initiatives are the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby racing program and the STEM-based Education Program, which provides educational opportunities for K-12 youth worldwide through Soap Box Derby racing. The Derby dates back to 1934, when the first All-American race was held in Dayton, Ohio.



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