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Region 6 Director Applications Now Being Accepted


The Soap Box Derby is seeking a Director for Region 6 (Ohio & West Virginia). Applications are being accepted through September 9, 2016.

Download an application

Please e-mail the application to or mail to Soap Box Derby, PO Box 7225, Akron, OH 44306.

Regional Director Appointments and Duties 

The regional directors are the group of individuals appointed by the International Soap Box Derby, Inc. The affairs of the Regional Directors shall be managed by a chairman and a vice-chairman.

The directors shall be appointed as follows:

Individuals interested in the appointment will need to fill out an application and e-mail/send it to the ISBD. The ISBD shall, after careful consideration, select one person from each region.

In the event a given region does not have an individual interested or an applicant is not qualified, then the ISBD shall appoint an individual, either from within that region or from the surrounding region to serve as director of the region.

The officers, one chairman, and one vice-chairman shall be elected by the regional directors preceding the next All-American Soap Box Derby race. The term is two years for all officers.

Any regional director may be removed by the ISBD. In the event a chairman resigns or is removed, the vice-chairman will take over. The regional directors will then nominate a new vice-chairman. In all cases, the election or appointments shall run the remainder of the existing term and are subject to the approval of the ISBD Board of Directors.

The duties as a group shall be as follows:

  1. In conjunction with the Racing Commission, review the rules and when necessary, poll the local Derby directors for local input into the rules.

  2. Provide the local Derby directors with assistance in interpreting rules.

  3. Meet as needed for the purposes of:
    - Help establish race week rules and procedures
    - Review proposed rules with members of the Racing Commission
    - When necessary, establish committees to research aid and assist the ISBD office staff and Racing Commission
    - Provide the ISBD with statistics of local races
    - Communicate information from the ISBD to the field
    - Attend the Derby directors’ meeting in Akron
    - Attend all official functions of the All-American Soap Box Derby
    - Work in conjunction with the Racing Commission during race week

The duties as individuals shall be as follows:

1. Maintain close contact with local Derby directors and local Derby associations.

2. If possible, hold regional meetings or calls on a yearly basis.

3. Respond to all questions from the local Derby directors within a reasonable amount of time.

4. If a question cannot be answered immediately, inform the person that you will follow-up as soon as possible. Or, ask them to contact the appropriate official.

5. Be impartial on all matters.

6. When necessary, interpret the rules or explain the ISBD’s position on rules and regulations.

7. Attend as many local races as possible.

8. Attend local race organizational meetings if possible.

9. Regional guidance with the local directors.

10. Always stress safety.

11. Provide assistance with inspections and methods of the ISBD.

12. When necessary or requested by the local director, provide assistance with race organization.

13. Share and communicate fund-raising ideas.

14. Assist and encourage the local director to complete and return all forms to the ISBD on a timely basis.

15. Review with the local director the official inspection form to provide a full understanding of the expectations of arriving cars in Akron for race week.

16. Communicate to the local directors what to expect upon arriving in Akron for race week.

17. Host the winning families and Derby directors while visiting Akron.

18. Trouble-shoot problems with your cars in a timely manner according to the rules of the ISBD and the race week schedule. Do not show or imply any FAVORITISM in any way.

19. Report any discrepancies or violations to the appropriate officials immediately.

20. Promote new race cities.

21. Encourage existing race cities to seek and increase participants.

22. Reply to all email referred to regional directors from the ISBD staff.