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Marty Sullivan- 2013Marty Sullivan, 73, a passionate Soap Box Derby volunteer on the local, regional and national levels for more than 40 years, died unexpectedly on Tuesday, December 21, at his home in Dover, New Hampshire. Marty had served as chairman of the Derby program’s regional directors since 2013.

Marty’s involvement with the Soap Box Derby began in 1960, when he first raced locally in New Hampshire.  He won the local race in his final year of eligibility to compete in the All-American Soap Box Derby in 1964. 

Throughout his lifetime, he put to use construction skills he learned from his father and in building Soap Box Derby cars.  He studied engineering at New Hampshire Technical Institute and the University of New Hampshire and served as a mechanical engineer for the United States Government for more than 40 years.

Marty was active in the local New Hampshire Soap Box Derby program for decades and had served as a regional director since 1989, promoting and overseeing race programs in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont.   In his years as chairman of the 13 regional directors, he served as the liaison between the local race programs throughout North America and the International organization.  He was inducted into the Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame in 2013, and also was an honorary member of the All-American Soap Box Derby board of directors.

The Soap Box Derby has been a family affair for Marty Sullivan.  His parents were active in the local organization.  His wife Joanne also is a volunteer and their son Kevin raced for several years, placing second in the Rally Masters Division in the 2003 All-American.  

Several nieces and nephews also have raced, including his niece Carol Ann Sullivan who was the junior division world champion in 1982.

Funeral arrangements are pending.