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Soap Box Derby Receives Grant From The Mary S. And David C. Corbin Foundation


The International Soap Box Derby (ISBD) has received a $25,000-grant from The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation for the new scoreboard at Derby Downs.

This grant has helped further the Soap Box Derby’s mission by enhancing the race-day experience. The new scoreboard gives real-time race results so that racers and their families, as well as other spectators, can see the times on each individual racer as they cross the finish line. The scoreboard was integrated with the already existing timing system that the Derby uses in all its racing events.

The scoreboard is mounted on the lower edge of the Finish Line bridge. The placement of the scoreboard will ensure that it will be visible from anywhere on the race track.

Not only will the scoreboard be able to show real-time race results, but it will be used to display short informational messages at the track, ranging from promotion of program partners to safety and weather alerts.

“We would like to thank The Corbin Foundation for its continued support of the Soap Box Derby,” said Mark Gerberich, president and chief executive officer of ISBD. “This year’s contribution for the scoreboard adds great value to the venue; creates a more fun atmosphere for our fans and provides information for our racers and their families.”