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Greater Cincinnati Local Derby Race

Observatory Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

The Greater Cincinnati Soap Box Derby is a youth racing program open to any child at least 7 year of age and 17. Children compete by driving their racers in one of two levels of gravity powered racing cars built from kits purchased from the All-American Soap Box Derby. Don't have a Derby car, no need to worry, we have plenty to borrow.


Race City: Greater Cincinnati
Race Date: June 2, 2019

Divisions: Stock, Super Stock
Contact Person: Stan Kokotajlo
Location of Track: Observatory Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

The Greater Cincinnati Local Soap Box Derby is the traditional Derby race that started in 1934. The winners of each division move on to Akron to represent Greater Cincinnati in the All-American Soap Box Derby

A single, double elimination race. Greater Cincinnati only runs Stock and Super Stock divisions. Trophies are awarded up through eighth place in both divisions!

  • Please take note based on driver size on which division to register for based on the information below:

  • The Stock division is for racers 7-13 years old. Stock cars can accommodate a racer up to (approximately) 5'3" tall and 125 pounds.
  • The Super Stock division is designed for racers 9-18 years old. Super Stock cars can accommodate a larger racer up to (approximately) 6'0" tall and 150 pounds.

Drivers must have two adults/high schoolers to assist them as a pit crew. If a pit crew doesn’t show on race day, the driver cannot race. For families with two or more drivers participating the following applies: 2 drivers requires 2 pit crew members; 3 or more drivers requires 4 pit crew members.

Members of the pit crew assist the driver with wheel swaps, making any needed repairs, loading and unloading the cars on/off the trailers, loading cars on to the ramp, and clearing the car from the runout area after the heat is done.


Registration form

Minor Waiver release form

Participant Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Waiver

Soap Box Reference Guide

What to Expect on Race Day

Map to Track

Car Weigh-In or Inspection - There will be mandatory weigh-in scheduled on May 28-29th.

All drivers MUST sign up for weigh-in prior to race day. This will give you the opportunity to pick out your car and speed up the start of racing. If you previously raced with us, you just need to register by May 27th. Click here to register for weigh in only. YOU MUST STILL REGISTER TO RACE using the link at right.

Drivers: Please remember to bring your registration form(s), Parent Code of Conduct, Minor Waiver form and copy of birth certificate on race day.

Parking will be along the South side of Observatory Ave right past E Observatory Hill. You will not be able to get to parking off of Ault Park Dr. Barriers will be setup at the intersection of Observatory and Ault Park Dr.

Course information:
720' length from ramp to finish line with uphill runout.
Track surface is smooth asphalt city street with square curbs and a few sewer grates on the edges.

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Most drivers prefer to wear some kind of eye protection to keep dust and bugs out of their eyes. Please be sure to bring water, food, chairs, sunscreen and pop up tent if you have one available. No concessions will be available at this race.

Portable restroom will be located near the pit area at top of the hill.
Pit Area/Check-In/Scales open 7:30 a.m.
Race begins after all rookie runs are complete, approximately 9:30 a.m.

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