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Making History

Discover the fascinating history of the Soap Box Derby, experiment with STEM concepts like Kinetic and Potential Energy, and author your very own Soap Box Derby book! This module contains four lessons (approximately one hour each) that will energize your learners.
For grades 5 - 6
Cost: $750

Lessons Included in Making History:

LESSON 1: A Glance at the Past
Students become historians and uncover the rich history of the International Soap Box Derby and what values have become associated with this iconic brand! 

LESSON 2: Patterns are Everywhere
Students explore different types of children’s literature and start to recognize patterns used in this type of creative writing. 

LESSON 3: Racing Energy
Students are introduced to potential and kinetic energy through a series of experiments and discussion. 

LESSON 4: Writing the Derby Story
Students become authors of their very own International Soap Box Derby Children’s Book using all that they have learned in the first 3 lessons!