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Keep Moving 

Never waste your energy again! Learners discover the impact of shape and drag through fun STEM experiments. Four action packed lessons that keep the learners engaged for approximately an hour per lesson.
For grades 5 - 6
Cost: $750

Lessons Included in Keep Moving:

LESSON 1: What is Drag?
Learners will discover the effects of drag on the movement of objects and create a working definition of “drag” using exploratory learning.

LESSON 2: Safe Landing
Learners will continue the exploration of the concept of drag and learn about the history of parachutes and build and test parachute designs.

LESSON 3: Air Drag Racing
Learners will design, construct and test mini-cars.

LESSON 4: Racing with the World Around Us
Learners will discover the effects that wheel characteristics have on the speed of their Soap Box Derby Cars.