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Stay on Track 

Ever wonder why we are grounded on Earth and can float in space? Explore these STEM concepts through experiments with gravity and weight! Five lessons that can be spread over several days and will take nearly seven hours to complete.
For grades 5 - 6
Cost: $750

Lessons Included in Stay on Track:

LESSON 1: Mass and Weight
To understand the concepts of mass and weight, and their relationship. To investigate the force of gravity and its impact on the mass of objects.

LESSON 2: Derby Downs
To understand the concepts of grade and vertical drop. To use proportions to solve real life problems.

LESSON 3: Design a Track
To use the track dimensions computed in Lesson 2 or to apply proportions to design a custom-size track to model Derby Downs.

LESSON 4: Gravity in Racing
To understand the impact of gravity on the motion of objects. To begin the investigation of various scientific factors that impact a Soap Box Derby race.

LESSON 5: Racing in Space
To understand that the gravitational force depends on the mass of the objects and distance between them. To become familiar with the solar system and compare gravity on different planets.