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Off to the Races

Discover the secrets behind designing the fastest Soap Box Derby car through STEM concepts and design! Off to the Races has seven lessons that can be spread over several days and will take nearly eight hours to complete.
NOTE: Must purchase or own a Super Stock car to use this module.
For grades 6 - 8
Cost: $1,000

Lessons Included in Off to the Races:

LESSON 1: What Makes a Winning Super Stock Car?
This lesson focuses primarily on the science behind the Soap Box Derby (SBD) car design and racing.

LESSON 2: Getting Started
Learners start building their super stock car and reflect on the science behind the design and racing of a SBD car.

LESSON 3: Driving and Steering
Learners continue to build their super stock car and focus on the science of energy and friction.

LESSON 4: Good and Bad Friction
Learners will focus on friction and how it relates to SBD racing; They will also assemble brakes and install a weight bolt.

LESSON 5: Weight a Minute!
Learners will investigate center of mass, specifically the impact of additional weight placed on an object's center of mass.

LESSON 6: Don't Let the Air Drag You Down!
This lesson focuses on aerodynamics, specifically the role that air drag plays in SBD racing; learners will discover and
observe the impact of air drag on various objects.

LESSON 7: And ... it’s a Wrap!
Conclusion of the module.