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The digiRacer provides multiple-challenge levels and prepares students for real-world engineering. The base car kit is designed for maximum assembly flexibility to facilitate multiple educational objectives with pre-written programming libraries that can Untitled 1handle tedious interface tasks.

Educational Benefits

  • Opportunities for iteration and differentiation
  • Student directed team-based learning
  • Prepare students for real-world engineering
  • Accomplish multiple education objectives

Multiple Challenge Levels

Level 1 - (3rd to 6th grade) Line Follow - Fill-in-the-blank programming with simple senors
Level 2 - (5th to 9th grade) Computer Vision - Transition from graphical to text-based programming
Level 3 - (8th to 12 grade) Multiple Sensors - Unlimited text programming with complex sensors

Track and Competition

  • Simple to build
  • Easy to change
  • Computationally difficult

Technical, Educational, and Product Support

  • Subscription-based technical support
  • Warranty
  • Forum

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