FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

2020 February Indoor Race

02/22/2020 - 02/23/2020

Saturday, February 22nd & Sunday, February 23rd - Stock, Super Stock, and Masters, 1 Double & 1 single elimination race each day.

Indoor soap box derby racing like it should be. We will have over 200 feet of track and we will be using our 8' tall ramps.

Race weekend schedule here.


New Race Venue for 2020 - Fox Valley Mall 195 Fox Valley Center, Aurora, IL. We will be at the south east corner of the Mall in the former Sears store. Look for the debry car outside the entrance door.

 We will be featuring our fast 8 foot tall starting ramps transitioning onto 200+ feet of super smooth racing surface ending with a long, safe braking zone. Clean, spacious pit area for 50+ cars and their crews with plenty of space for tools and chairs.

This is a great opportunity for rally racers to earn a large number of points during the winter racing season as we are anticipating racers from 10+ states, making this the premier winter racing event in the US.

Chicago is the only race city that has a state-of-the-art timing system with a phone app that allows you to view race results instantaneously. Even those watching back at home can view each and every phase of racing!

Race Fees and Pre-Registration

Race Fees:

  • $100 if you pre-register by Saturday, February 15. Registration forms and fees must be mailed to: 
    • Stan Iglehart Race Director, 1530 Fairway Circle, Geneva, IL. 60134
    • Refunds will be issued in the event of bad weather or other unforseen circumstances
  • $120 if you pay and register the day of the race
  • $35 for each race if you register for less than 4 races. Fees and registration can be made on race day
  • There are no additional race fees discounts, Group On, etc.  for the indoor races.

Registration form is available here.

Location: Fox Valley Mall, Aurora, IL. Entrance is at the South East corner of the mall, next to JC Penny. Fox Vally Mall is the largest Mall in the area. There is a large food court and plenty of shopping inside and outside of the mall. The mall is located just a few minutes south of the outdoor track.

Parking: Please park your trailer near the other soap box derby trailers.

Questions?: Read below - please email or call/text 630-841-8832 with additional questions.

Updates: If you would like to be notified when this page is updated, please send an email with the words " indoor updates" in the subject heading.

Additional race day info

  • AA rules apply 
  • No lubrication will be allowed indoors.
  • No skates, scooters, rollerblading, or skateboards will be allowed inside. 
  • All cars will be required to have a new brake pad.
  • Emergency contact number for race day is 630-841-8832
  • Tools will only be allowed in the designated pit area.
  • All cars will be inspected prior to the race and randomy throughout the day.
  • Any and all repairs MUST be done in the pit area with the approval of either a race steward or a race official.
  • Once the car has been inspected and weighed, it is NOT to return to the pit area unless directed by a race steward, or only if, that car is no longer racing.
  • Cars that ARE still racing must remain in pre-staging area while they continue to race.
  • No oil or lubrication will be allowed inside where the race is being held. Anyone caught lubing or juicing their wheels will have their wheels removed from the race and possibly disqualified. Wheels will be replaced with a set of club wheels. Please take your wheels back to your hotel if you wish to clean or lube them.
  • No flash photography allowed at the finish line.
  • All cars will be required to adhere to current AA Soap Box Derby rules.
  • All cars will be inspected, make sure your car complies with current AASBD rules.
  • Please look over the race day schedule which will be posted at a later date.
  • Friday car drop off after 3pm.

Got Questions? Contact Stan Iglehart @ 630-841-8832

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