FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


Driver Registration Fee

If using a GLSBD car, the registration fee is $50. 

Registration Discount Opportunities:

1. Pre-register and pay your registration fee online before April 30, 2023, get $10 off by using promo code EARLY10.

2. Families that find one new car sponsor (see below) will receive $25 off their registration fee.

3. Families that find two new car sponsors will have their registration fee waived.

4. Bring a friend that registers and races, get $25 off your registration fee.

5. Families with multiple children racing receive the following discounts:

    • Registration for 1 racer: $50
    • Registration for 2 racers: $75
    • Registration for 3 racers: $100

6. If using a privately owned car, the registration fee is waived.

Note: If using discounts 2-6, please pre-register online but pay in person at one of our car clinics. 


Sponsor Fees

All cars must be sponsored.  GLSBD may or may not already have sponsors for GLSBD-owned cars.  

Sponsor fee is $200 per car.


Fees due by May 31, 2023