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2016 World Championships


It can't get better than this for one area driver... Peyton Van Gruensven takes the WIN in the 2016 World Championships for the Rally Super Stock division to top off the week at Derby Downs in Akron, OH.

2016 Rally Super Stock World Champion

The Green Bay Area sent 6 drivers to the World Championships - two Local Champions in the Stock and Super Stock divisions and four Rally Champions, one in the Stock Division and three in the Super Stock division.  All drivers took part in two races while at Derby Downs.  The first race was called the Dairy Queen Rally Challenge for the Rally Champions and the Subway Challenge for the Local Champions.  These Challenge races are a unique race held only at Derby Downs.  They involve the drivers racing down all three lanes of the track against the same set of drivers performing wheel swaps so the same set of wheels are used in a specific lane.  The overall times are recorded with person with the fastest combined time advancing and the other eliminated.  Our Rally Champions all managed to get into the second round of these races before getting defeated.

The second set of races for the week was the World Championships held on Saturday, July 16, 2016.  In this event, three drivers go down the hill, the winner advances and the other two are knocked out of the competition.  Trophies are awarded for the top 9 drivers in each division and the winners receive college scholarships along with a World Champion ring, jacket, and a bouquet of roses.  Achieving this championship takes a lot of hard work preparing the car, practicing your racing skills, and a bit of good luck doesn't hurt.

Honors received at this years event:

Peyton Van Gruensven - 1st Place Rally Super Stock

Brooklyn Van Gruensven - 4th Place Rally Stock

Nevaeh Cadman - 9th Place Rally Super Stock

Peyton in Lane 2Brooklyn in Lane 3Nevaeh Cadman - Lane 3

Natalie Hamacher - Best Decorated Rally Super Stock Car and Race Commission Chairmans Award for her sportsmanship and demonstration of the great relationships that can be made across the Derby nation.

 Best DecoratedRace Commissioner Chairmans Award

Peyton and Brooklyn where also honored for achieving the 200 Point Club by earning 200 or more points in last years rally season.  Both drivers made the top 10 points earners in their divisions across the country.

200 Point BoardVanGruensevens 200+ Points