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October 13-14, 2018 Race Results

For Sale:

2016 Super Stock

Set up well (Jon Edwards) – race winner

Full set of custom cut weights from

Low wood block stands

Waist-high folding stand

Includes wheels

**Does not include the body** (we had the body custom painted and want to keep it)


Contact Ben Wornall - 913.209.3804,


August 18-19, 2018 Race Results

Saturday, August 18th - Double Elimination Results

Stock Division

Super Stock Division Masters Division
1. Ethan Dickinson 1. Megan Plum 1. Kelsey Van Waart
2. Jaxen Whitaker 2. Hannah Oleson 2. Owen Schilling
3. Pierce Van Waart 3. Emma Dickinson 3. Dillon Reinders
4. Cayden Comstock 4. Matthew Buehler 4. Charlie Nigon
5. Kiyoshi Lamirande 5. Aspen Thomas 5. Logan Plum
6. Anna Roth 6. Rachelle Tomasek 6. Exander Schilling
7. Dylan Comstock 7. Andrew Williams  
8. Eloise Whitaker 8. Kamryn Hinnenkamp  

Saturday, August 18th - Single Elimination Results

Stock Division Super Stock Division Masters Division
1. Jaxen Whitaker 1. Megan Plum 1.Kelsey Van Waart
2. Jakob Whiting 2. Hannah Oleson 2. Charlie Nigon
3. Ethan Dickinson 3. Aspen Thomas 3. Dillon Reinders
4. Diego Juarez 4. Emma Dickinson 4. Exander Schilling
5. Anna Roth 5. Harrison Roth 5. Owen Schilling
6. Vinny Nigon 6. Kamryn Hinnenkamp 6. Logan Plum
7. Eloise Whitaker 7. Birdie Roth  
8. Makenzie Whiting 8. Brendon Gillogly  

Sunday, August 19th - Double Elimination Results

Stock Division Super Stock Division Masters Division
1. Ethan Dickinson 1. Megan Plum 1. Dillon Reinders
2. Jaxen Whitaker 2. Emma Dickinson 2. Kelsey Van Waart
3. Diego Juarez 3. Aspen Thomas 3. Charlie Nigon
4. Kyoshi Lamirande 4. Rachelle Tomasek 4. Exander Schilling
5. Audrey Auwerda 5. Matthew Buehler 5. Logan Plum
6. Dylan Comstock 6. Brendon Gillogly 6. Owen Schilling
7. Vinny Nigon 7. Harrison Roth  
8. Eloise Whitaker 8. Birdie Roth  

We were unable to complete our single elimination race due to rain. Each participant will be awarded a penny point.

2018 All-American Local Race Results



Stock Divison Super Stock Division
1. Kiyoshi Lamirande 1. Logan Plum
2. Anna Roth 2. Harrison Roth
3. Eloise Whitaker 3. Matthew Buehler
4. Jakob Whiting 4. Jaxon Whitaker
5. Makenzie Whiting 5. Birdie Roth
6. Macey Brown 6. Cydni Hutchinson
7. Dawson Childress 7. Carter Brown
8. Ty Buehler 8. Aspen Thomas

Best Brake – Anna Roth
Best Steering – Mason Roue
Best Decoration Stock Division – Macey Brown
Best Decoration Super Stock Division – Carter Brown
Rookie of the Year – Kiyoshi Lamirande
Best Sportsmanship – Kiyoshi Lamirande

New car loan program:

The Kansas City Soap Box Derby has cars available to loan out to drivers who are not yet ready to buy their own car. We will not charge rent, but race registration fees must be paid for at the time of loan/rental. The driver can use club weights, wheels and helmets. The driver can take the car home or store it at the track. The driver may do anything to the car within the rules. Any improvements made to the car are at the driver’s expense and stay with the car. The car must be returned after any races that have been paid for unless he/she have been given permission by the club. Weights must be removed from the car upon return. The driver must set up the car prior to the Friday night before the race. (This can be done at an open track night, or by appointment, or with your derby mentor.)

Contact our Derby Director, Tim Roth, at 816-665-7007 for information about borrowing a soap box derby car.

For sale:

We have a 2011 Stock Car. It comes with custom weights and helmet. It is in great shape, has only been down the track a few times. We are asking $375. Contact information Travis Bolton 913-219-7949. Olathe, KS


Contact: Kevin 816.806.7807


For Sale: 


Legal Soapbox Derby Car used one season 6-7 years ago and in perfect condition. 


Comes with wheels, weights and helmet. $500 obo


If you would like to advertise a car or any other soap box derby paraphernalia, contact Ann Yonker at


Note: The Kansas City Soap Box Derby will issue tax donation receipts for cars donated to the derby. We will issue receipts for $575 for Stock cars and $675 for Super Stock cars.

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