FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


North Florida Soap Box Derby is a new gravity racing organization licensed by the All American Soap Box Derby serving North Florida. We hope to rebuild soap box derby racing in the north Florida and Tallahassee area. We exceeded our goal of finding 12 stock car racers ages 7 to 13 willing to race in our 1st Annual local race by fielding 19 stock car racers. In 2022-23, we held our 3rd Annual local race and met our goal goal again by expanding to hosting rally races. 


How Can I Donate to North Florida Soap Box Derby?

Contact the club and donate.

Money raised will be used to pay for the race sanction fees and insurance (costs $1,750), the rental of street barricades and road closure signs (costs $650), a Professional Engineer to draft and certify a Maintenance of Traffic Plan (costs $200), a porta potty (costs $161), law enforcement, lunch and Gatorade for volunteers, trophies for kids, maintenance of cars.  If we exceed our fundraising goals, funds will be used to help pay for the winner’s trip to the championship race in Akron, OH, and then to help fund next year’s race.  We have zero paid staff and no money raised is used to pay salaries.  We are 100% volunteer driven.