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 Landen Watson wins 2018 World Rally Super Stock title

Landen Watson, 14 yr. old, from Madisonville became Pennyrile Soap Box Derby Association's second World Champion!  Landen pulled out a narrow victory over his Ohio competitor by .008 seconds to take First Place.  This was Landen's second year to compete in Akron at the championships.  PSBDA also congratulates Hannah Salley for taking 2nd Place in the 2018 World Local Super Stock race.  This was Hannah's first year to compete in Akron.  She did an outstanding job making it to the championship round.  Lukas Ramey was the third shining soap box star by placing 3rd in the 2018 World Rally Masters division.  Luke held the lead until the last hash mark and lost by a small margin of .031 seconds.  Levi West was the 2018 National Points Champion - overall with 258 points.  Levi also made it to the Top 6 in the Rally Challenge Race during Race Week.  Morgan Buntin did an outstanding job in the Carharrt stock car.  She fell a little short this year.  Congrats to all our fantastic kids - you made us proud!! 

PSBDA hosts the 2016 Pumpkin Roll Rally Race October 15 & 16

Pennyrile Soap Box Derby has a great race race weekend plan in mid-October.  Last year we had racers from Atlanta, Chattanooga, Chicago, St. Louis and throughout Kentucky.  We raced under the stars on Saturday night- the race went a bit longer than expected due to the number of participants.  PSBDA sponsored a "Haunted Trail" and cookout for the families in attendance- about 40-50 people.  
Over the last three (3) years, we have had (6) area Kentucky racers that were either runner up World Champions or part of the 2015 Kentucky Rally Sweep at the World Championships in Akron.  Madisonville is home to the 2015 World ChampionLukas Ramey.  We have a great track here, especially in difficulty. We must be doing something right - all three (3) of the 2015 World Rally Champions raced this track.  After a race weekend, a lot of car handlers left the race weekend saying, " I just can't figure it out that track".  Needless to say, the track is challenging.  But after we opened the in May, 2014, we produced a World Champion. in July, 2015  Luck? Maybe... Sign up to race the Pumpkin Roll to find out!  Hope to see you in October!




On Saturday, July 25, 2015, the first Kentuckian to cross the finishline in 78 years was Lukas Ramey, 11 yr old. of Hanson, Kentucky,   He won the stock division by .019 against another fellow Kentuckian, Chase Schlafke of Glasgow, Kentucky.  Following Luke came Tyler Peterson of Bowling Green, Kentucky, winning the Super Stock division.  Kelsey Settles of Owensboro, Kentucky, followed the guys for a win in the Masters division.   The news rang from coast to coast.  Local Evansville station carried the story, see:

The trio has been honored by the Warren County Fiscal Court in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the City of Madisonville City Council, and featured in the Owensboro Living magazine. The upcoming edition of Kentucky Living will feature the champions.  Kentucky should be proud! 

Luke Ramey follows two other local racers who have had amazing finishes on the World Championship track - in 2013 Alex Terry took 2nd in the Super Stock Division at the World Rally Challenge during race week along with Hannah Moore, who finished 7th in the All-American World Championship in the super-stock division


2015 Local Champions

Mathew Miller - Masters                                Slade Woodward - Super Stock

Jake Gillette - Stock

Lukas Ramey - Stock Rally Champion (Region 12 Points Leader/200 Point Club)


PSBDA hosted Rally Race - May, 2015

Local racer, Claude Gaston dominates the super-stock division at the Pennyrile Soap Box Derby Race last weekend at the Baldwin Drive track.  Claude swept three races with first place finishes against competitors from across the state and West Virginia.  McKenzie Shoulders took first and second in the Masters division and Lukas Ramey took first and second in the stock division.  Jaxon Ratliff, Jason Harris, Chase Kuykendall and Kaitlyn Shoulders also placed in the stock division and Jacob Harris placed in the Masters division.  Rain postponed racing on Saturday.  The Madisonville Local Racer will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2015.  Information on racing is available at Parkway Plaza Mall.
Lukas Ramey - 1st, 2nd, and 6th
Jason Harris - 3rd, 5th, and 8th
Jaxon Ratliff - 5th and 8th
Chase Kuykendall -7th Kaitlyn Shoulders - 7th  
SUPER STOCK DIVISION Claude Gaston - 1st, 1st, and 1st  
MASTERS DIVISION McKenzie Shoulders 1st, 2nd, and 7th Jacob Harris - 3rd, 3rd, and 4th

2014 Local Champions head to Akron

McKenzie Shoulders - Masters

Jarrett Miller - Super Stock

Ethan Rickard - Stock

Lukas Ramey - Stock Rally Champion (200 Point Club)            Blair Terry - Masters Rally Champion (200 Point Club)

Kaitlyn Shoulders - Stock Rally Champion

Hannah Moore - Super Stock Rally Champion


PSBDA opens Soap Box Derby Track - May, 2014

The Rally Committee spent hours sesarching out a location for a designated SBD track.  The location chosen was Baldwin Drive in the Industrial Park.  Baldwin Drive is a boulevard that had not been used for approximately 25 years.  We took the west side of the street to use as the track.  After approval from the City of Madisonville and surrounding industries and property owners, the first rally race was held in May, 2014.  To prepare for the race, it required a lot of clean-up, mowing and 125 buckets of sealer. A second race was held in September and more sealer and track repair was required.  In January, 2015, PSBDA raised enough money to re-surface the track.

Terry and Moore bring home championship hardware from the World Championships in Akron July, 2013

Alex Terry takes 2nd in the Dairy Queen Rally Challenge during the World Championships in Akron, Ohio.  Alex, son of Brien and Alicia Terry, drove his super-stock soap box derby car to near victory.  Alex took second place by only .003 seconds.  This is the first year that the Rally Challenge race was held in Akron.  Alex has been involved in soap box derby racing for the last eight (8) years.  He and his brother, Blair, have had successful race careers. They have both raced in all divisions, stock, super stock and masters.  "Sometimes winning can be the difference in moving a 1/2 pound from one location to anther in the car", said Brien Terry.  Brien apparently found the winning combination in Alex's car. 

Hannah Moore of Madisonville, KY, daughter of John and Allison Moore, found her nitch and raced her way through hundreds of competitors to place 7th in the All-American race on Saturday at the World Championships.  The competition is tough.  Over 400 kids travel to Akron from all over the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe to compete.


2013 Local Champions head to Akron

Blair Terry - Master Division                       Alex Terry - Rally Super Stock Champion (200 Point Club)

Colin Berry - Super Stock                           Hannah Moore - Rally Super Stock Champion (200 Point Club)

Lukas Ramey - Stock




A message from the All-American Soap Box Derby

The Soap Box Derby is a youth racing program which has run nationally since 1934. World Championship finals are held each July at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

The idea of the Soap Box Derby grew out of a photographic assignment of Dayton, Ohio, newsman Myron Scott. He covered a race of boy-built cars in his home community and was so impressed with this event that he acquired a copyright for the idea and began development of a similar program on a national scale.

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