FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Spring Rally Race

04/10/2021 - 04/11/2021
Baldwin Drive Track, Madisonville, Kentucky


Race City: Madisonville, KY
Race Date(s): 04/10 - 4/11/21
Rain Date: May 8, 2021  The race will be held OUTDOORS at the Baldwin Drive Track - Approved rally rules -TBA
Trial Runs (Local only): N/A
Divisions (Ex: ST, SS, MS, SK) :  ST, SS, MS
Race Fee: See below
Contact Person: Todd Moores, Rally Race Director 270-889-4150 or Alicia Terry 270-836-4491
Location of Track: Baldwin Drive Track, Madisonville, KY

2021 PSBDA Spring Rally Race - April 10-11 (Pre-registration required by April 8, 2021)

Double and Single elimination races both days - Stock, Super Stock and Masters.  Baldwin Drive Track off 41-A in Madisonville, KY.   $100.00 race fee for all (4) races for the first child and the second child (must be sibling) is 1/2 price.  One child, one day racing $65.00. For those of you who want to use PayPal, processing fees must be added to your race fees. Link: Please contact Tiffany Chappell at 270-635-2028 for fee amounts before paying or if you have questions.  The fees range from $2.50 - $6.00.  Registration forms must be emailed to Alicia  and payment must be mailed (P.O. Box 1801, Madisonville, KY  42431) in time to be received by April 8, 2021.  No onsite registration or payments will be processed at the track.  Face masks required.

There is a (16) racer cap per division - SUPER STOCK IS AT CAP AS OF 3/28/21. Anyone intersted in racing in the super stock division would have option of being on a waiting list. 

For more information contact Brien Terry, President 270-836-4492 or Todd Moores, Rally Race Director 270-889-4150  Pizza to order will be available on Saturday. 

As you know, our state COVID guidelines are constantly changing.  We will have a plan to run a "safe" race.  There will be      hand sanitizer at the top and bottom pits.  We will run by divisions and assigned time will be given. We strive to have fun and stay healthy.

RAIN PLAN:  If rain is in the forecast, we will still RACE unless there is lightning or downpours!! Our track is safe to run races.  We WILL have access to building near the track in case of a weather issue.  Be sure to prepare by bringing canopies, rain covers and your patience.                                                                 

UPDATES:  Please check this PSBDA website or Facebook - "Madisonville Soap Box" for race updates and procedures. 

HOTEL SUGGESTION:  Baymont Inn 270-821-2121 (Exit #116) $80/night "soap box rate" which includes sack breakfast, double queen beds , refrigerator, microwave.  We also have a new hotel - Holiday Inn and Hampton (Exit #114), Days Inn (Exit #116 - recently remodeled) and Comfort Inn (Exit #116).  **THE TRACK IS OFF EXIT #116.

        2021 RACE RULES   

All All-American rules will apply for both days. All cars will be inspected, make sure your car complies with current AASBD rules.

Drivers meeting will be held through Zoom on April 8, 2021 @ 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  Only handler/racer required to be at one of the scheduled meetings. 

Handler and racer only will be allowed in the Pit and Weigh-in areas.  Special restrictions apply in these areas.

All cars must meet their minimum/maximum total weight for their division per All-American Rules.  A 15lb. max tail and nose weight will be allowed.

Car inspection will be done.  Masters – make sure your nose is at the proper height!  Supers and Stocks – be sure your noses are not overhanging the board and secured! Your car is should be compliant with the most current AASBD Rules.

After weigh-in, all cars must be parked in the designated area until pits are clear.  If you want to work on your car between heats, there is a work station set up near the scales.

No scooters, rollerblading or skateboards are allowed in the pits or impound/staging area.

No lubrications in the pits or staging area. No tools, electronics are prohibited in the impound/staging area/pits or during racing.   Have car “race ready” at time of check-in.   Spinning of wheels after weigh-in is ALLOWED.

You can be weighed at random during the race.

Working on cars during the race or after elimination will be done in pits designated work stations. Torque or spindling may be done with supervision of race official or car handler from the SAME division as long as you DO NOT hold up the race.  ANY change in weights or if car is taken outside pit/work station area, you must be re-scaled with a race official or someone appointed by the Race Director.  

Car bodies must be fitted to the board – no overhanging the nose.  Nose screws should be secured.

RACERS/HANDLERS – Be sure to listen for your number to be called to not to delay race.  Lane Tickets will not be used for 2021 race. Wheel swap will be a 2-4-2 progressive swap for the Sat double & single and Sunday double and single.  Help us help everyone to keep things going smoothly. 

 Driver and handler responsible for the correct wheel swap.

You may wipe the wheels only before rolling into the ramps. A PSBDA official will set the nose of your car and you will set the rear wheels. Once racers are set, there is to be no movement in the cars. One wheel of the car MUST be touching the red stripe in the ramps.

The car handler will take car to wheel swap area.  The car handlers will load from the rear of the ramps.  Please keep your time reasonable in setting the racer. Drivers will be allowed to get into race position in the ramps as follows:  30 seconds – stock and super, masters 45 sec.

With running by divisions, it is essential to have help with your racers.  You need someone to pull off the racer off the track or make friends quick and work together.  Racers should drive to the end of runout or cones and DO NOT STOP AT THE FINISH LINE.

PSBDA Wheel stickers will be placed on the outside of the wheel indicating proper direction – name, fronts backs, left & right & proper direction– wheel tags are available by PSBDA.

Drivers must remain in race position during the race.  Anyone moving in their cars, moving the ramps, caught scooting or changing their race position or “ducking” during the course of the race will be disqualified.

Once your car has crossed the finish line and stopped, the racer is to go directly to the trailer to take kids to the top.  There will not be a break between races.

Centerline – if you cross the centerline at any time, including the run out area or hit the timers, you will be DQ.  You will also be financially responsible for the costs to repair or replace the timers or damage to another’s car.  Damage to an opponents wheels or car is the race family’s responsibility.

Top 4 racers in each division may be re-weighed. 

Sportsmanship is expected by the racer, family members and friends.

If you should have an issue with your car or another person’s vehicle, please find an Official immediately.  There are “Protest” forms available should a situation arise.  Once completed, please provide to a race official.  A committee of (3) will review the form and subject vehicle to provide a ruling.

Do not talk to Alicia at the Official Results table. 

We are asking that the rules be followed and that we are not put in a position to have to make a decision of disqualification.


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