FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

The All American Championship in June is here

and it's a lot like work - from the inspections:

Img 0055

Img 0476

Img 0487

and resulting work

Img 0488

to general coordination with the community support.

Img 0477


Img 0054

How better to kick off Saturday than with a race between the sheriff's office and fire dept.

Img 0480

Stop before hitting the tires please.

Img 0058

Here's the course at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds from the after the finish line.

Img 0056

with the beginning races being with the Super Kids.

Img 0483


Img 0059

 And back up the hill we go.

Img 0057


Img 0484

Img 0482


Sunday Championship Day

and here we come

Img 0075

2015 06 29 074920 

lined up and ready to go.

Img 0068

Img 0079

How about these for winning cars!

Img 0081

Img 0082