FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

General Race Procedures:

The following identifies the basic timeline for a race weekend.

We race a double and single elimination on Saturday and a double elimination on Sunday for Stock, Super Stock and Masters divisions if there are enough Masters cars. Race costs are $35 per race and $25 per race for each sibling. A slight price break will be given if paying for all three on Saturday morning $100 for the first racer. 

Races will have a lane swap and 2-4-2 wheel swap. 15 lb. max tail heavy rule in effect.

Trophies will be awarded to the top eight finishes (or half of the field if less than 12) for each of the three races. We are starting slightly later than years past. 

  • Volunteers are asked to arrive at 7:30 to assist with pre-race set up. 
  • Scales open at 8 am
  • Track set up will begin at 8 am. Any help is appreciated.
  • A trial run will be mandatory for first time drivers. We will start at half-track and then from the ramps. This will be done as soon as the track is clear.
  • Registration closes at 8:30 am.
  • Drivers are encouraged to get official weight documented as soon as possible and prior to running the first round. Weighing in early will help us start more efficiently.
  • Maximum weight with driver is 200 lbs. for Stock and 240 for Super Stock. Maximum tail weight is 15 pounds. Max tail in Stock is 107.5 and 127.5 for Super Stock. Masters max is 255 and 135 max tail.
  • Fixed weight bolts should be cut for safety prior to arriving if possible. Any bolts must be cut before racing starts. Bring any needed equipment and allow plenty of time if need be. Please ask if assistance is needed and we will try to accommodate.
  • Driver and parent meeting at 9:00 am approximately.
  • Races to begin at approximately 9:30 am each day.
  • Please bring your car ready to race, adhering to All American and NDR race rules. Please remove the nose screw in the body and ensure there is no nose gap between the body and floorboard. Presenting your car for competition signifies that you understand and abide to the rules stated by the Soap Box Derby governing rules.
  • Please bring any extra parts and spare brake pads that you may need. A limited number of brake pads will be for sale at the concession booth for $7.50. Some other parts will be available for purchase if needed.
  • Adjustments are permitted between rounds. Please limit lubrication use to lighter fluid only. Oil attracts dirt and we have a very dusty environment. Lighter fluid use cannot be done between phases, only between rounds. Officials will clean wheels or spindles with extraordinary oil. Oil on spindles is not permitted and will be cleaned when reported. Please be considerate. 
  • Cars can be covered in the pits and it is suggested to cover the weights in the pits to keep the seating area cool prior to the wheel swap. 
  • Weight adjustments can be made, but as time allows. If weight adjustments are made, a total re-weigh with car and driver and tail weight will have to be performed. Race official must be contacted prior. 
  • Races will be run in weather as long as it is safe. 
  • Eye protection is advised in all racing conditions! 
  • At a Rally, families are asked to help unload cars at the top of the track and perform wheel swaps and load cars on the ramps. Advice will be provided for new families. We want to make sure that a fun, family, learning atmosphere is maintained throughout the weekend.

Please park your vehicles in the dirt lot and keep traffic aisles open. 

Please do not park vehicles against the south side of the pits against the log barriers as it blocks an aisle. This is a fire lane. It would be much appreciated if you would move your vehicle to the parking lot after unloading. 

Trailers can be parked overnight in the dirt area to the south of the pits. The Fairground gates are open at all times currently due to construction and security is at your own risk. Pits will be on the asphalt area. Please feel free to put up tents in the pits on the far North and South sides, ,against the log parking blocks leaving, the center aisle open. 

Camping hookups are available. Please call the Fairgrounds office for more info. Phone:(303) 795-4955
Shade is recommended. 

Food will be available for purchase.

Bleachers will be in place for viewing the race this year! 

Pre-registration is not required but communication is recommended to help with car counts and paperwork processing. 

Please contact us directly if there are any questions. Thanks for coming!