FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


What is the Rappahannock Region?

The Rappahannock Region covers Stafford County, City of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, King George County and Caroline County. Racers living in these counties are invited to register for our race.

I live outside of the Rappahannock region but would like to race, what do I do?

The All American Soapbox Derby (AASBD) created an interactive map to help you find location close to you.  Visit their website to access the interactive map and click on “Virginia” to find the closest race to you. 

Where and how do I find a car kit?
New car kits are purchased directly from the All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio. Stock Kits are $. Super Stock kits are $. Master Kit is $. For more information and to order kits or parts please visit

These prices do NOT include shipping. Z-glas wheels are an additional $100 plus shipping. These kits will be shipped directly to your home or the address of your choice. The shipping box is approximately the size of the car’s shell. You will need a small pick up truck or a minivan to transport the kit and/or the finished car. We will assign your car a racing number once you’ve registered for the race.

Cars are available for those who do not wish to purchase a kit. We try to help match cars to kids looking to race. If you know of anyone who has an extra car that will not be racing it this year or if you need a car, please call Alvin Staples, Race Directors, at 540-786-5930 

Where do I find other accessories needed to my car that are compliant with race rules?

Visit the AASBD Shop for helmets, kits, and car parts.

I would like to be a car sponsor, how do I do that?

Being a car sponsor provides great exposure of that business to the community.  You are listed as the car sponsor in the program and everyone at the event will see your car racing at Dominion Raceway on race day.  The is an ADDITIONAL cost outside of the registration fee for the driver.  As the car sponsor, you are responsible for the car wrap, lettering, etc. on the derby car.

If you would like to sponsor a car or a driver, please contact

I would like to be an event day sponsor, how do I do that?

The success of this event is heavily dependent upon the commitment of our strong community partners and sponsorships.  There are various sponsorship levels available to help your business or organization.  For sponsorship information please contact Shari Denecke, (540) 220-3085 or

When do I race? 
Racing brackets will be posted online after the Lane & Heat drawing that show the order of races. We are sorry, but we can not give you a specific time you will race, so drivers need to be near their car throughout the day. Each driver is guaranteed to go down the hill 2 times.

How do you know who wins?
We measure the differential of the cars passing over the finish line. In other words, our timing system measures which car comes across the finish line first, and by how much it beats the other car. The car that wins by the biggest differential is the one that goes on, and the other car is eliminated.

What happens to my car after the race?
As long as you are winning, your car is brought back up to the top of the hill. If you are eliminated, your car will be put in the holding area until you pick it up..You will need to roll your car from the disqualification area to your vehicle. Disqualified cars must be picked up by the end of the day. The Soap Box Derby is not responsible for any cars left at Dominion Raceway.  The top two finishing cars in each division are impounded until the winning cars are re-inspected and sent on to Akron. At that time the second place cars will be available for pick up by their drivers.