FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


How long will I have to commit to?

Only as long as the shift(s) you have signed up for. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior and give yourself enough time to park and make it to your station after checking in.

Where do I check in?

You will check in at the Volunteer Hospitality tent before starting your shift. 

At Derby Downs this is located at the entrance to the grounds from the parking area. 

If you're volunteering at one of the offisite events, look for the information tent and check-in there.

Will I be designated to one specific area, or multiple different areas?

You will be stationed in one area specific to the activity that you are registered for.

Will I be working with a team or individually?

This will depend on the activity that you are registered for but most positions are part of a team.

What do I do in the event of an emergency? 

Immediately find a person with a radio and alert the Events Team of the situation and your location. There will be an EMT station located at the end of the track in the Runout Area in case medical attention is required. If you can't get to them, dial 911 and tell them where you are. They will alert the unit on our grounds. 

Where are the restrooms located?

There are portable restrooms located in several areas throughout the grounds.

  1. Behind the grandstands
  2. Runout located on the east side of the track
  3. Starting line
  4. Topside at the west end of the White Building

What expectations do you have for me?

We expect all our volunteers to maintain a professional and friendly disposition while representing the Derby during their shift. Volunteers need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes along with their volunteer t-shirt and badge.