FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


  1. What age does a competitor have to be to participate in the race?
    • 7 to 18 years
  2. How can my child race in the National Super Kids Classic?
    • As the winner of a local Super Kids race our Champs are financially sponsored by a business or organization. If there is no local race in your region then a child can be an ambassador of your region provided their registration is paid for by a business or organization acting as their sponsor.   Please contact President Mike Callahan at 330-376-9260 with any additional questions.
  3. We don’t have cars but have several children who want to compete to represent our area. What do we do?
    • Same as above, we will see if we can contact a neighboring area who has a race already, or suggest alternatives.
  4. Do you need any volunteers to co-pilot?
    • Our race director hand-picks the co-pilots from a group he has worked with personally to ensure the safety of our champs.
  5. Who puts on the Super Kids race?
    • The National Super Kids Classic® is put on by the men and women who make up its board of directors, these are all volunteers who come together to put on the race every year with the help of community volunteers.
  6. How is the Super Kids race funded?
    • The National Super Kids Classic® is funded through generous donations and car sponsorships. We appreciate all of the companies that sponsor our cars and the private individuals who donate time and money to help make this race happen.
  7. How can I help?
    • You can help with funding or volunteering. Please send a message through the contact information page on our website and someone will contact you.
  8. How long has this race been going on?
    • The National Super Kids Classic® has been in existence since September 2001 with the first race occurring in 2003, but the local race in our area has been going on since 1981. The Super Kids Classic has evolved out of those local races which have now spread across the country, These local races determine the winner from each of the local areas that will come to Ohio and represent their area in our National Race.
  9. Where does the event take place?
    • The event takes place at the same hill that is used by the All-American Soapbox Derby, Derby Downs in Akron, OH. Our participants have the opportunity to race the same exact track that the All-American racers do.
  10. Is there a fee to come and watch the race?
    • No! The race is totally free for spectators, so bring the whole family and enjoy.
  11. Do the participants drive the cars?
    • Our cars are specially designed and built to accommodate two children.