FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown


Q: How can I get started racing?

A: Please contact us via email:


Q: Do I have to buy and build a car?

A: The Philippine Soap Box Derby Family Association will be selling kits (only offical PSBDFA kits allowed) that will be used for racing.  It includes all of the materials needed except for the floorboard.  More information to come.....


Q: Can I use a Soap Box Car that we have?

A: PSBDFA will not allow any previously owned car for racing.  The kits provided by the club will be the official parts used for the race.


Q: I am interested in advertising my product or service.  Can I sponsor a racer or generally advertise?

A: Drop us an email to


Q: I would like to donate my time or money to help your program.

A: Please contact us - we can always use both to grow our program...


Q: I have a question...

A: Drop us an email to - an enthusastic volunteer will email you or call you back and go over all your questions