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 Arrowhead Summer Classic is on August, 18th and 19th - Join us!

                      Soap Box Derby Headquarters

        615 Arrowhead Road Camano Island, WA 98282



Soap Box Derby Fans,

You are invited to the 1st Annual Arrowhead Summer Classic Soap Box Derby Rally Races on beautiful Camano Island, WA. 
Saturday and Sunday, August 18 – 19.

Arrowhead Ranch
615 Arrowhead Road
Camano Island, WA 98292

The Arrowhead Summer Classic is a sanctioned Rally Race associated with the All American Soap Box Derby. 
Saturday and Sunday will each be a double elimination progressive wheel swap event with Rally Points.
To find out more about the Rally Race Program click here: /aasbd-race-program/rally-race-program.aspx

What’s Next? 

  • Please complete the attached Registration form and email it to to reserve your spot
  • Please sign up by August 1st to reserve a car. If you nave never Rally Raced before, please leave the Rally ID# blank.
  • Entry fees are $30 per car ($60 for both days) and $25 per day for each extra sibling
  • The weights have been removed from most of the cars to allow easier handling and storage, you will need to reweight the car
  • The biggest difference between a Rally Race and the Local Race is the lack of volunteers to run and manage the race. It will be up to you and the other parents to keep score, load and unload the cars, provide and drive the return vehicles etc. throughout the day.
  • We have all of the job descriptions and expertise.. all we need is YOU.

If you are from out of town: 

  • The Arrowhead Ranch is private property, if you wish to leave a trailer overnight it is a secure location.
  • The nearest hotel is 20 to 30 minutes from the track. (Arlington, Smokey Point, Mount Vernon.) AirBNB  or camping at one of the local State parks are options for overnight accommodations.
  • If you are local and plan on using one of the club or sponsored cars please make arrangements with Randy by August 1st.  (email please, Cars will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Looking forward to a Super FUN couple of days - hope you can join us. 


Randy & Marla Heagle


The Rally Race Program allows participants to earn points by racing in various Rally Races throughout the United States and Canada. A participant in this program races year-round to win a “Rally Regional Title.”

Racers can compete in as many Rally Races as they wish during the course of one season. The top point earners in each region (see regions below) are invited to compete in the 2019 FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby® World Championship in Akron, Ohio against other Rally Champions.


Click Here for the 2018 Rally Race Registration! 


Click Here to see the new program for the 2018 Soap Box Derby!

1) How can we get a kid started in Soap Box Derby?

Just bring them along to one of our Information Nights or Build Clinics and we will get them signed up and talk options for getting them into a car. To find out where to come get started, contact our Derby Director Christie Connors at the Stanwood Camano Community Resource Center, (360) 629-5257 or our local SBD website, or The national All-American Soap Box Derby (AASBD) website is, Facebook Page


2) Do drivers need to assemble the car that they are driving?

Yes, the car must be assembled by the Driver with help from their parent or mentor. The build plans are available on the AASBD website. There are also AASBD build videos on the website and YouTube. Average time to put together one of the kits varies based on mechanical ability from as few as 2-3 hours to as many as 8-10 hours. At the Build Clinics, the Tech Team is available to help answer questions and ensure your build is both fun and efficient.

3) How old must kids be to participate?

Stock Division, Drivers must be age 7 -13. Super Stock division, Drivers must 9-17.


4) What type of prizes are the Drivers competing for?

At the Stanwood-Camano Soap Box Derby, the top eight finishers in each division and the winner of our annual Sportsmanship Award are awarded trophies. The top finisher in each division earns the title Local Champion which brings with it an expenses-paid trip for Driver and Car Handler (and their car) to the annual All-American Soap Box Derby Race Week. July 15th -21st 2018 Champions at the All-American compete each year for the title of World Champion, a permanent spot for their name and car in the AASBD Hall of Fame & Museum, over $36,000 in college scholarships, and other outstanding trophies and prizes.


5) Where are the local races held?

Soap box Derby Headquarters and Track are located at 615 Arrowhead Road on Camano Island.


6) Where and when are the Car Build and Drive Clinics held?

Clinics are held at Soap Box Derby Headquarters Thursday nights from 6:00 – 8:00 and on some Saturdays starting in April for a number of weeks leading up to the Local Race in June.


7) What is the role of the Parent or Mentor?

Each Driver must have an adult available who will assist them in assembling the car and act as their “Car Handler” on race day. Car Handler is a defined role in the sport of Derby Racing, with formal role in helping with the prep and racing activities.


8) What are the different types of cars?

In the Stanwood Camano Island Local, we currently race cars in the Stock and Super Stock divisions. The Stock cars have a hard plastic body, more square in shape, and availablein several colors. This class is for younger or smaller kids. The Super Stock cars have a softer plastic body, more rounded in shape. This class is for older and larger kids.


9) Do we need to buy our own car?

That is certainly a great option but the Stanwood-Camano Derby also has a number of sponsored cars available, making it possible for every child participate. For those that do wish to own their own car, kits and spare parts are available from the AASBD website In 2018, new kits for the Stock Car are $465 and Super Stock $505 and a set of Z-glass wheels adds another $115 plus shipping. Used cars tend to sell for less than this.


10) How much do the cars weigh?

Combined weight of car and driver are not to exceed 200lbs in Stock and 240lbs in Super Stock. Weights are installed to get each car up to limit.


11) Can we build our own car from scratch?



12) How is a typical race conducted?

All Local and Rally races in the Northwest (AASBD Region 1) are run as double elimination lane and wheel swap races. This is done to ensure that neither luck of the draw - who you end up racing first - or differences in lane and wheel speed influence the overall outcome of the race. The Stock and Super Stock classes are run as independent brackets, but the races go on at the same time on the hill. A typical race day will consist of Drivers checking in for final weights between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM, followed by a mandatory Safety Meeting at 8:45, racing starts at 9:00 AM, and may go as late as 5:00.


13) Is there a chance to practice before the race?

Yes, there will be Drive Clinics scheduled.


14) Did I hear something about a Drivers Banquet?

Yes, the Thursday before the big race drivers and their families get together for a very fun banquet. There we enjoy some tasty food, see some cool cars, go over details of how the racing will work. Drivers receive their “Goody Bags” that include the Soap Box Derby T-shirt that they are required to wear on race day.


15) How large a sport is Soap Box Derby?

Each year well over 1000 official AASBD Local and Rally races are held in more than half the US states and several foreign countries. There were estimated to be 3500 active Drivers in 2016. A niche sport yes, but one with a glorious history and highly devoted following. Many middle and high schools are now adopting the formal AASBD STEM curriculum that uses full-size and mini Derby cars to teach team work, science, and engineering. The STEM program now even has its own national championship. The hot beds of Derby Racing are the mid-West and New England, but there are very active Clubs on the West Coast, South East, and other places as well.


16) Are there opportunities to race throughout the year?

Yes, There are two ways that Drivers can go to Akron to race in the International Race. They can go as a Local Champion or as a Rally Racing Champion. Several Rally Races are held throughout the year.


 For Frequently Asked Questions please click here ( FAQs )

A message from the All-American Soap Box Derby

The Soap Box Derby is a youth racing program which has run nationally since 1934. World Championship finals are held each July at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

The idea of the Soap Box Derby grew out of a photographic assignment of Dayton, Ohio, newsman Myron Scott. He covered a race of boy-built cars in his home community and was so impressed with this event that he acquired a copyright for the idea and began development of a similar program on a national scale.

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