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Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame Museum 

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Located on George Washington Boulevard in Akron, Ohio, the Soap Box Derby Hall of Fame Museum is one of Akron's most popular part of its history. Shortly before the 75th annual running, The FirstEnergy Soap Box Derby created this museum to honor past Champions dating all the way back to the very first Champion in 1934.

The museum displays historical cars, plaques of Champs, hall of fame honorees, and memorabilila in an outbuilding at the Topside entrance on George Washington Bouelvard. 

The Champ cars in this museum represent about half of the 140+ vehicles that have crossed the All-American finishing line as winners over the years.

The featured vehicles include a replica of one of the first cars to race in an event that led to the first Soap Box Derby race driven by Bob Gravett and is now the derby's official emblem

The collection also includes a replica of the infamous winning car from 1973, driven by James Gronen who lost his title for attaching a magnet to the nose of his car. This cheating scandal led officials to examine cars more closely both before and after races.

Champs on Display

First Name Last Name City State Year Division
Robert Turner Muncie IN 1934  
Maurice Bale Jr. Anderson IN 1935  
Herbert Muench St. Louis MO 1936  
Thomas Fisher Detroit MI 1940  
Kenneth Holmboe Charleston WV 1947  
Fred Derks Akron OH 1949  
Harold Williamson Charleston WV 1950  
Joe Lunn Columbus GA 1952  
Freddy Mohler Muncie IN 1953  
Richard Rohrer Rochester NY 1955  
Norman Westfall Rochester NY 1956  
James Miley Muncie IN 1958  
Harold Conrad Duluth MN 1963  
Gregory Schumacher Tacoma WA 1964  
Robert Logan Santa Ana CA 1965  
David Krussow Tacoma WA 1966  
Kenneth Cline Lincoln NE 1967  
Branch Lew Muncie IN 1968  
Steve Souter Midland TX 1969  
Sam Gupton Durham NC 1970  
Larry Blair Orrville CA 1971  
Brent Yarborough Elk Grove CA 1973  
Curt Yarborough Elk Grove CA 1974  
Joan Ferdinand Canton OH 1976 Senior
Phil  Raber New Philadelphia OH 1976  
Mark Ferdinand Canton OH 1977 Junior
Steve Washburn Bristol CT 1977 Senior
Greg Cardinal Flint MI 1978 Senior
Darren Hart Salem OR 1978 Junior
Russ Yurk Flint MI 1979 Junior
Chris Fulton Indianapolis IN 1980 Junior
Howie Fraley Portsmouth OH 1981 Junior
Tonia Schlegel Hamilton OH 1981 Junior
Matt Wolfgang Pennsburg PA 1982 Senior
Carol Ann Sullivan Rochester NH 1982 Junior
Mike Burdgick     1982  
Tony Carlini Orange Co. CA 1983 Junior
Anita Jackson St. Louis MO 1984 Senior
Matt Sheffer York PA 1985 Senior
Marc Behan New Hampshire State   1986  
Brian Drinkwater Bristol CT 1987 Senior
Matthew Margules Danbury CT 1987 Junior
David Duffield Kansas City MO 1988 Masters
Faith Chavarria Tri County CA 1989 Masters
David Schiller II Dayton OH 1989 Kit Car
Sami Jones Salem OR 1990 Masters
Daniel Garland San Diego CA 1991 Masters
Paul Greenwald Saginaw MI 1991 Kit Car
Loren Hurst Akron Suburban OH 1992 Stock
Carolyn Fox Salem OR 1992 Kit Car
Dean Lutton North Central OH 1993 Masters
Owen Yuda Harrisburg PA 1993 Stock
Danielle DelFerraro Akron Suburban OH 1993 Kit Car
Kristina Damond Jamestown NY 1994 Stock
Danielle DelFerraro Akron OH 1994 Masters
Johnathon Fensterbush Kingman AZ 1995 Masters
Darcie Davisson Kingman AZ 1995 Super Stock
Matthew Perez Akron Suburban OH 1996  
Jeremy Phillips Charleston WV 1996 Super Stock
Mark Stephens Waynesboro Suburban VA 1997 Stock
Wade Wallace Elkhart County IN 1997 Masters
Dolline Vance Salem OR 1997 Super Stock
James Marsh Cleveland OH 1998  
Stacey Sharp Kingman AZ 1998 Super Stock
Justin Pillow Central FL 1999 Stock
Alisha Ebner Salem OR 1999 Super Stock
Cody Butler Anderson IN 2000 Masters
Derek Etherington Anderson IN 2000 Super Stock
Rachel Curran Akron Suburban OH 2000  
Michael Flynn Detroit MI 2001 Masters
Evan Griffin Central FL 2002 Masters
Nicholas Sibeto New Castle PA 2003 Stock
Anthony Marulli Rochester NY 2003 Masters
RickiLea Murphy Portage County OH 2004 Super Stock
Hilary Pearson Kansas City MO 2004 Masters
Tyler Gallagher Portage County OH 2005 Super Stock
Sally Sue Thornton Vallejo CA 2006 Super Stock
Kacie Rader Washington DC 2007 Masters
Tyler Shoff Akron Metro OH 2007 Stock
Andrew Feldpausch Saginaw MI 2007 Super Stock
Courtney  Rayle Washington DC 2008 Masters
Hayley Beitel Tullahoma TN 2008 Super Stock
Sarah Whitaker Akron OH 2009 Stock
Majia Liimatainen Madison WI   Super Stock
Karren Stead Morrisville      
Sheri Lazowski       Ultimate Speed
Bob Carter        
Jim Gronen        


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