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Mid Week Races In Akron


Top Of Track

 Beautiful day at the track!


Juliette Lane 2

Juliette in lane 2 racing against Juliana Nocera from Arlington, CA in lane 1 and Owen Strong from Ogallala, NE in lane 3. 

Juliette Wheels

Juliette is making sure those wheel clips are in correctly. 

Juliette Lane 3

Juliette coming down now in lane 3 with Owen and Juliana for her final race of the day. 

Zeke Lane 2

Zeke coming down in lane 2 against Shelby Withers from Jamestown, NY in lane 1 and Hannah Garner from Morganton, NC in lane 3. 

Zeke Lane 3

Zeke coming down in lane 3 against Shelby & Hannah for his final race of the day. 

Zeke And Juliette

Zeke is not pleased with Juliette's touches on his car. She says it will bring him luck. Juliette is very happy with her work!

Juliette Car Work

See Zeke, flowers are the perfect touch for your car. We told you this would happen.