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Race Day at the All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron


                            Race Day in Akron!


Juliette is catching a ride with Zeke in the Opening Ceremony parade.

Juliette Lane 1

Juliette in lane 1 is racing against Savannah Blind from Tuscarawas County, Ohio in lane 2 and Aubree Gresko from Henderson, Nevada in lane 3. Juliette wins her race and advances!

Juliette Lane 3 (1)


Juliette in lane 3 racing again Kelsey Sanford from Bowling Green, Kentucky in lane 1. Juliette trailed behind Kelsey and crossed the finish line second. 


Zeke Lane 2 (1)

Zeke in lane 2 was racing again Noah Thomas from South Charleston, WV in lane 1 and Jeremiah Vigil from Clovis, NM in lane 3. Zeke crossed the finish line going down at 28.747 seconds but just 53 thousandth of a second behind Noah. 

Silly Face

Juliette and Zeke are representing the Friendly City well in Akron!


Juliette Zeke

Great job on racing day!