FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Local History


Bowling Green has a long history of Soap Box Derby Racing beginning in 1938.  In the past, the Soap Box Derby Race was a hair-raising event held on treacherously steep College Street.  The race continued for many years and then took a break.  After a long dormancy, the Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green resurrected our local race in 1998.  Bowling Green welcomed the race with enthusiasm:

  • 1998 – Largest new race city in the history of the national organization – 77 registered drivers
  • 1999 – Largest increase in participation – 108 registered drivers
  • 2000 – 5th largest local race in the world – 115 registered drivers
  • 2001 – Tied for 4th largest local race in the world – 121 registered drivers
  • 2002 – 3rd largest local race in the world – 138 registered drivers
  • 2003 to 2013 - Still the 3rd largest local race in the world
  • 2002 to current - World's Largest Double Elimination Race and still the 3rd largest local race. 
  • 2015 - Super Kids Classic for special needs children introduced - 8 racers
Results from past
2022 Local Champions
1st Place - Eva Roddy
2nd Place - Peter Lagerman
3rd Place - Zan Dayton
4th Place - Matthew Blakeman
Super Stock
1st Place - Dominic Frassinelli
2nd Place - Luisa Brown
3rd Place - Kelsey Sanford
3th Place - Emersyn Covington
1st Place -  Caden Bailey  
2nd Place - Gabe Smith  
3rd Place - Lane Schlafke 
4th Place - Nathan Christian  
Super Kids
1st Place - Clay  Harris 
2nd Place - Shelby Brown  
3rd Place - Annamae  Millette
4th Place - Elex Eaton 
2021 Local Champions                                              2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19
1st Place - Kelsey Sanford
2nd Place - Peter Lagermann
3rd Place -Dominic Frassinello
4th Place - Tucker Alford
Super Stock                                                                
1st Place - Nate Christian
2nd Place - Lane Schlafke
3rd Place - Ethan Thomson
4th Place - Cayden Bailey
1st Place - Cameron Martin
2nd Place -Elizabeth Johnson
3rd Place - Ravin Robinson
Super Kids                                                                 
1st Place - Clay Harris
2nd Place - Shelby Brown
3rd Place - Elex Eaton
2019 Local Champions                                              2018 Local Champions
Stock                                                                           Stock
1st Place - DJ Kriser                                                    1st Place - Lane Schlafke
2nd Place - Mason Blankenship                                   2nd Place - Sophia Rosa
3rd Place - Alex Hagan                                                3rd Place -Conleigh Wilson
4th Place - Ethan Thompson                                        4th Place - Jennifer Hosler
Super Stock                                                                 Super Stock
1st Place - Chase Schlafke                                          1st Place - Elizabeth Johnson
2nd Place - Callie Elder                                                2nd Place - Makinna Westray
3rd Place - Nathen Christian                                        3rd Place - Robert Holdsworth
4th Place - Lane Schlafke                                            4th Place - Chase Schlafke
Masters                                                                       Masters
1st Place - Zoie Gray                                                   1st Place - Calli Elder
2nd Place - Brooks Geron                                            2nd Place - Lawson Elder
3rd Place - Cameron Martin                                         3rd Place - Blake Suiters
4th Place - Lawson Elder                                             4th Place - Owen Renfrow
Super Kids                                                                  Super Kids
1st Place - Elex Eaton                                                 1st Place - Zoe Redington
2nd Place - Clay Harris                                                2nd Place - Clay Harris
3rd Place - Caden Plemons                                         3rd Place - Sam O'Neal
                                                                                   4th Place - Michael Kirk
2017 Local Champions                                              2016 Local Champions
Stock                                                                           Stock
1st Place - Elizabeth Johnson                                     1st Place - Brendon Nyenhuis
2nd Place - Cameron Martin                                        2nd Place - Elizabeth Johnson
3rd Place - Hunter Clemmons                                      3rd Place - Justin Doran
4th Place - Conleigh Wilson                                         4th Place - Conley Wilson
Super Stock                                                                 Super Stock
1st Place - Chase Wilson                                             1st - Tyler Peterson
2nd Place - Nathan Christian                                       2nd - Chase Wilson
3rd Place - Savannah Peters                                       3rd - Rylee Collins
4th Place - Keegan McLaughlin                                    4th - Chaz Blair
Masters                                                                       Masters
1st Place - Chase Schlafke                                          1st Place - Zoe Martin
2nd Place - Tyler Peterson                                           2nd Place - Chase Schlafke
3rd Place - Zoie Gray                                                    3rd Place - Raven Robinson
4th Place - Ryan Walkup                                              4th Place - Bailey Peterson
Super Kids                                                                   Super Kids
1st Place - Clay Harris                                                 1st Place - Clay Harris
2nd Place - Zoe Redington                                          2nd Place - Madelyn Kirk
3rd Place - Elex Eaton                                                 3rd Place - Caden Plemmons
4th Place - Caden Plemmons                                       4th Place - Michael Kirk
2015 Race Results                                                    2014 Race Results
Stock                                                                            Stock
1st Place - Nathan Christian                                        1st Place - Rylee Collins
2nd Place - Blake Suiters                                             2nd Place - Addison Cartrer
3rd Place - Conleigh Wilson                                         3rd Place - Nathan Christian
4th Place - Owen Renfrow                                           4th Place - Perri Monroe
Super Stock                                                                 Super Stock
1st Place - Ryan Walkup                                              1st Place - Jeanette Harris
2nd Place - Tyler Peterson                                           2nd Place - Ryan Walkup
3rd Place - Chaz Blair                                                  3rd Place - Laura Bradshaw
4th Place - Chase Wilson                                            4th Place - Joseph Collins
Masters                                                                       Masters
1st Place - Jeanette Harris                                          1st Place - Chaz Blair
2nd Place- Bailey Peterson                                          2nd Place - Chase Schlafke
3rd Place - Chase Schlafke                                          3rd Place - Bailey Peterson
4th Place - Zoe Martin                                                 4th Place - Josheph Cummings
1st Place - Karlee Dalek
2nd Place - Jace Newton
3rd Place - Clay Harris
4th Place - Madelyn Kirk
2013 Race Results                                                     2012 Race Results
Stock                                                                              Stock
1st Place - Chase Schlafke                                             1st Place - Ivy Zuckus
2nd Place - Addison Carter                                             2nd Place -Keelie Martin
3rd Place - Cole Renfrow                                                3rd Place - Nicole Milam
4th Place - Cameron Martin                                            4th Place -Tristan Milam
Super Stock                                                                    Super Stock
1st Place - Brianne Howard                                            1st Place - Noel Cash
2nd Place - Zoe Gray                                                      2nd Place - Raven Robinson
3rd Place - Hailey Duvall                                                 3rd Place - Leah Collins
4th Place - Madison Brinkley                                           4th Place - Brianne Howard
Masters                                                                           Master
1st Place - Kelly Martin                                                    1st Place - Cory Fuller
2nd Place - Bailey Peterson                                            2nd Place- McKayla Humphrey
3rd Place - Lauren Nyenhuis                                           3rd Place - Bailey Peterson
4th Place - Joshua Cummings                                         4th Place - Joshua Cummings
2011 Race Results                                                     2010 Race Results
Stock                                                                               Stock
1st Place - Bailee Collins                                                   1st Place - Joshua Cummings
2nd Place - Chaze Blair                                                     2nd Place -Bailee Collins
3rd Place - Lauren Nyenhuis                                             3rd Place - Dylan Morris
4th Place - Ivy Zicus                                                          4th Place - Sarah Hernandez
Super Stock                                                                      Super Stock
1st Place - Caleb Williams                                                 1st Place - Katlyn Williams
2nd Place - Rileigh Stivers                                                 2nd Place - Sara Miller
3rd Place - Cheyenne Newby                                            3rd Place - Caleb Williams
4th Place - Leah Collins                                                     4th Place - Sawyer Moore
1st Place - Miranda Hickman                                                    
2nd Place - Joshua Cummings                                               
3rd Place - Corey Faller                                         
4th Place - Addison Carter                                      
2009 Race Results                                                     2008 Race Results
Stock                                                                             Stock
1st Place - Nick Miller                                                     1st Place - Kyle Martins
2nd Place - Bailee Collins                                              2nd Place - Tyler Peterson
3rd Place - John Carter                                                 3rd Place - Morgan Smith
                                                                                     4th Place -Nathanial Robb
Super Stock                                                                    Super Stock
1st Place - Emily Holland                                                 1st Place - Jordan Pruden
2nd Place - Chase Adams                                               2nd Place - Bailey Peterson
3rd Place - Lucas Leach                                                  3rd Place - William Parker-Carter
4th Place - William Carter                                               4th Place - Destiny Sturdivant
2007 Race Results                                                     2006 Race Results
Stock                                                                             Stock
1st Place - Cory Faller                                                    1st Place - Seth Gary
                                                                                      2nd Place - Casey Faller
                                                                                      3rd Place - Scott Johnson
Super Stock                                                                   Super Stock
1st Place - Casey Pruden                                              1st Place - Kelsey Williams
2nd Place - Emily Holland                                               2nd Place - Amir Mustafic
                                                                                      3rd Place - Caitlyn Williams
                                                                                     1st Place - Jeff Miller
                                                                                     2nd Place - Anthony LaPointe
                                                                                     3rd Place - Shauna Walker
2005 Race Results                                                      2004 Race Results
Stock                                                                             Stock
1st Place - Jordan Pruden                                              1st Place - Anthony LaPointe
2nd Place - Evan LaPointe                                             2nd Place - Drew Hardy
3rd Place - Bradley Fite                                                  3rd Place - Parker Carter
4th Place - Drew Hardey                                                4th Place - Emily Van Riper
Super Stock                                                                   Super Stock
1st Place - Sarah Driskill                                                1st Place - Will Houchins
2nd Place - Kelsea Wilson                                             2nd Place - Sarah Driskill
3rd Place - Dawson Bernado                                         3rd Place - Cody Temples
4th Place - Morgan Hood                                               4th Place - Adam Updegraff
Masters                                                                         Master
1st Place - Emily Morris                                                 1st Place - Casey Pruden
2nd Place - Jeff Miller                                                    2nd Place- Jefferey Miller
3rd Place - Anthony LaPointe                                       3rd Place - LuLu Gilson
4th Place - Shauna Wicker                                           4th Place - Shauna Wicker
2003 Race Results                                                      2002 Race Results
Stock                                                                             Stock
1st Place - Jake Trabue                                                 1st Place - Lillie Van Riper
2nd Place - Joshua Betancourtr                                    2nd Place - Josh Harwood
3rd Place - Nick Durkalski                                              3rd Place - David Hall
                                                                                     4th Place - Justin Beasley
Super Stock                                                                  Super Stock
1st Place - Jeffrey Miller                                                1st Place - Dustin Herman
2nd Place - Colin Ravencraft                                         2nd Place - Jeff Harrigan
3rd Place - Willi Middleton                                             3rd Place - Brittney Gorman
                                                                                     4th Place - Addie Van Riper
Masters                                                                         Master
1st Place - Sarah Driskill                                                1st Place - Josh Holland
2nd Place - Lilly Van Riper                                              2nd Place- Marcus Korba
3rd Place - Caey Pruden                                                3rd Place - Sarah Driskill
                                                                                      4th Place - Eric Harwood
2001 Race Results                                                      2000 Race Results
Stock                                                                              Stock
1st Place - Sarah Lightfoot                                             1st Place - Jeff Miller, 1st place
2nd Place - Dylan Georgette                                          2nd Place -Sarah Lightfoot
3rd Place - Ashley McGowan                                          3rd Place - Eric Harwood
4th Place - Lillie Van Riper                                              4th Place -Kara Wilson
Super Stock                                                                    Super Stock
1st Place - Lindsey Lightfoot                                          1st Place - Trey McGinnis
2nd Place - Stephen Tabor                                             2nd Place - Wes Orange
3rd Place - Wes Orange                                                 3rd Place - Ashli Miller
4th Place -  David Carter                                                4th Place - Taylor Crowe
1st Place - Travis Russell                                                   
2nd Place - Sarah Driskell                                                  
3rd Place - Ashley Miller                                                     
4th Place - Cole Murphy