FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Who are we?

The Greater Des Moines Soap Box Derby Association is a non-profit youth racing
organization for both girls and boys ages 7 - 21. The racers compete driving a gravity
powered kit car in one of three divisions: Stock Division, Super Stock Division and
Masters Division.
The Soap Box Derby has run nationally since 1934 and locally since
1937 kids have been racing and competing down the streets and hills of Central Iowa. In
1970, due to the sport’s popularity, a permanent track facility was built in Ewing Park on
Des Moines’ southside.

The Greater Des Moines Soap Box Derby’s mission is to educate and inspire youth
through fair and honest competition and mentorship. With a primary goal to advance
and create family values, the Greater Des Moines Soap Box Derby Association provides
an environment in which, parents, grandparents or other adults are encouraged to work
hand-in-hand with their children (the racer) to instill basic skills of workmanship, the
spirit of competition and the perseverance to complete a project from start to finish. The
Greater Des Moines Soap Box Derby Association embraces diversity, facilitates lifelong
friendships, teaches the application of math and science concepts and advocates the true
spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship.

As an organization, we provide a safe and positive environment for children and families
of all backgrounds so they can enjoy one of our nation’s most-time-honored traditions,
the Soap Box Derby. Today there are over 500 race cities across the nation who supports
the Soap Box Derby Program. These races are sanctioned by the All-American Soap Box
® and The National Derby Rallies®, both of which are nonprofit organizations.