FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Robert Geise Memorial Sportsmanship Award

This Award is awarded annually to the driver who exhibits the best behavior, sportsmanship, helpfulness, and overall best attitude no matter the situation or circumstances.

2021: Celina Murty

2015: Trevor Wiesner

2014: Mikayla Green

2013: Trinity Schabel

2012: Rebekah Hoak

2011: Corrinne Chick

2010: Adam Turner

2009: Cheyenne Zaremba

2008: Nikki Scherzi

2007: Megan Marulli and Mikel Ruterbush

2006: Andre Thomas

2005: Nikki Ryan

2004: Stephanie Joyce

2003: Morgan Rinck

2002: Christopher and Stephen Guadino

2001: Jessica Stam

2000: Suzanna Lull

1999: Kimberly Mangos

1998: Jordan Langer

1997: Rachel Scaccia

Pluta Family Award

This award is given to the adult volunteer who has contributed a lot of time and effort to the GRSBD

2015: Rick Desens

2014: Carla Williams, Jeff Bartocci, Sherri Forbes

2013: Jeff Murphy, Amy Sawyer

2012: Dick and Jackie LaCroix

2011: Paul Wagner, Bob Cole

2010: Angel "Chico" Valentin