FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Local History


2021 Super Kid Winner  2018 Ashton Win 2 Small 2021 Super Stock (1)


The Hopkinsville Soap Box Derby has grown steadily since its inception in 2006.  Todd Moore, who was President of Kiwanis at that time, saw the derby races being sponsored by other Kiwanis Clubs around the country and thought it would be a wonderful idea to implement in Hopkinsville.  After two years of planning, the first cars rolled down Bethel hill in the inaugural race in 2006. 

Initially, the race had only 30 cars and two divisions: Stock and Super Stock.  2009 brought the excitement of the Master’s Division.  School and Church challenges were added in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Super Kids racing was added in 2012.  Several local churches have embraced the Soap Box Derby as they realized the benefits of adult mentors on the lives of youth, forming relationships that can last a lifetime.

Local Champions