FirstEnergyAll-American Soap Box Derby Countdown

Race Day Reminders

In the event that you cannot make the race please contact Marc DeRosa at 215-801-5042 (cell)


  • All drivers are to report to the race wearing proper racing attire:
    • Pants must come below the knees
    • Sneakers, water shoes or ballet slippers
    • Have sunscreen on hand
  • Bring plenty of beverages. Wawa is located a few blocks from the top of the hill, if needed.
  • IVSBA will have a limited supply of water on hand.
  • At least 5 pounds of adjustable weights for your car .
  • Rain gear..............just in case.
  • Plastic cover for the car. A plastic fitted twin bed sheet works best


  • Set-up will begin at the top of the track at 5:30 AM
  • All drivers and handlers are to report to the Borough Garage (Second St.) by 6:30 AM for check-in.


  • All drivers and car handlers must wear their race day assigned T-Shirts.
  • Helmets are to be kept with your car at all times.
  • Good sportsmanship from all participants (drivers, handlers, family and friends) is expected. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and could result in disqualification.
  • No profanity or inappropriate behavior.
  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED. Immediate disqualification from this any future IVSBA events.
  • DO NOT touch or handle anyone else's car.
  • Please show respect and courtesy to all of our race day VOLUNTEERS.
  • Drivers must be "race ready" at all times. Failure to be ready will result in a forfeiture of the heat.
  • If you lose your first heat (not phase), you will move over to the consolation bracket of racing. Remember our race is a double elimination race. If you lose a second heat that day you are, in most instances, done. However, you may be called for a race-off. Do not leave the race until it has been confirmed that you are finished.


  • NO tools are allowed in the pit area.
  • NO rags are allowed in the pit area.
  • NO lubricants or waxes of any kind may be used on race day.
  • Only the driver and the car handler are allowed in the pit area.
  • Please maintain your pit area by placing all trash in the bins provided


  • All drivers and their cars, will be transported from the bottom of the track to the top of the track by way of trucks and trailers.
  • These vehicles are loaned to us for our race and are to be treated with respect.
  • All drivers are to be completely seated in the bed of the truck. No sitting on the wheel wells. Arms and legs are to be within the vehicle at all times.


  • We could use as much help cleaning and restoring Main St. and the pit area as possible. If you driver is eliminated early in the day, please return back to the track in the late afternoon to help us clean-up.
  • Everyone wants to be able to get to and enjoy the banquet as soon as possible.
  • Please bring your designated food item to the banquet.